Home and Lifestyle Management – Not for the Faint Hearted

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Monotonous, never-ending, merry-go-round chores from loading and unloading the dishwasher multiple times a day to the constant pile of dirty laundry which seems to never decrease.

Why is it as we now have more automation, more gadgets and more machines and devices to help us all do these chores quicker and more efficiently do we seem to have less time?

Less time for leisurely lunches, less time for health and wellbeing, less time to spend with our precious loved ones.

It just does not make sense!

Our house is where we are spending a huge amount of time and in many ways the look of our home decor reflects what’s going on in our lives at that particular moment.

So here is a small collection of top tips to not only free up your precious spare time but also improve your home and decor.

So, let’s jump straight in with:

Rule Number 1.

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Never leave a room empty handed!

This is a genuine game changer. Instead of waiting for the weekly clean in which you run around like a rabid dog trying to cram everything and clean everything into the space of a sacred spare afternoon do this ONE SIMPLE STEP.

Every Single Time you leave a room take a look round, quick scan, is there something where it should not be? A dirty cup which should be in the dishwasher, a hoodie casually thrown over a lounge chair which should be in the wardrobe.

Pick them up as you leave and put them back in the correct place.

It is surprising how much quicker and easier the weekly clean is by doing this splendid rule.

Rule Number 2.

5 Minute Tidy. Now this is for the time you find yourself standing and waiting. Waiting for the kettle to boil, waiting for the microwave to ping its completion, waiting for the oven to heat up to the correct temperature for the homemade pie lovingly made. Anytime you find yourself waiting simply tidy instead.

Tidy as fast as possible in that 5 minutes you have spare. Not only does it get your pulse racing which helps to boost your metabolism and burn calories, but it also really does help to keep on top of the mundane day to day chores.

Rule number 3.

Need a mood boost? Create a haven of happiness at home by surrounding yourself with plants.

As well as enhancing your mood, plants have been proven to help distress, with a previous study finding that even potting soil has anti-depressive qualities from its endorphins. Indoor horticulture can even improve the air quality of the room contributing to your physical health too – something we could all benefit from in the midst of the ongoing pandemic!

Many of us may have turned our attention to tending our gardens during various lockdowns or stay-cations, but make sure you don’t forget your indoor jungle, too!

Rule number 4. Declutter

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The benefits of decluttering are endless, with less allergens, improved sleep and reduced anxiety to name just 3.

This is where the ‘cantaloupe rule’ comes into play which basically helps to ensure your home isn’t full of unnecessary items.

To follow this interior rule, avoid buying trinkets for your home smaller than a cantaloupe melon. This will allow you to add a creative flourish to the space without it overwhelming you.’

Which leads to Rule Number 5.

Time. Strategically place a clock in every room.  It really will help to modernise and restyle your home in an affordable way, but it will also help you and your precious family keep your days on track.

Do you find yourself spending a little too long in your morning shower and then race around to ensure you leave the house on time? Then hang a stylish wall clock in the bathroom.

Hallway clocks are also ideal if you are getting your little ones ready for school or you have that taxi arriving at a certain time to whisk you away to that holiday destination. Perfect for ensuring you are never late again.

If you’re wondering where to start, Get some inspiration from http://www.clockdesign.co.uk/.

Rule number 6 Feng Shui your space!

Feng Shui is all about bringing positivity into your home by creating a happy, healthy and welcoming environment. Something you can easily do without spending money.  This could be repositioning your sofa or simply placing fresh flowers in the hallway.

Rule number 7. Create a dedicated wellbeing zone

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Whether it’s your living room, study or bedroom, design a dedicated area that you can associate with calmness and serenity. Bring calmness into your home with soft lighting, scented candles and neutral colour palettes.

Design this area with interior flourishes that make you happy, like your favourite comfy cushion or a warm, welcoming blanket.  For those that find joy in activities more so than downtime, keep your favourite wellbeing items within reach, whether this be your favourite book, a yoga mat or a dedicated playlist.

Rule Number 8. Keep the light natural

Natural light can help ward off seasonal depression, boost vitamin D, improve sleep and help us to focus when working from home. Sunlight has recognised healing powers, so keep your curtains open, decorate with lighter colours and use mirrors to bounce light around the room. As well as maximising daylight, it’s crucial to also focus on minimising light at certain times of the day.

Low lighting will help your mind and body to unwind in the evening and try to keep screens and blue light tech out of the bedroom. Put the mobile phones down now!

Rule Number 9. Dining in can be as good as dining out!

Now that we’re making more use of our dining room than ever, it’s the perfect time to make your dining room look more expensive for a chic at-home eating experience every day, whether you’re finally entertaining your loved ones or simply enjoying a cosy family meal.

But how can you make your dining room look more expensive without spending a fortune? For a quick and easy trick that won’t break the bank just add elegant soft furnishings. Throws, cushions, rugs and blankets. The choice is yours.

Now here is the final rule. Rule number 10!

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Charity. Set aside a stylish fabric collection box and each week add 1 item. This is an item which has been gathering dust for far too long, a hula hoop you have never used, a gift which maybe wasn’t quite to your taste, that pair or trousers that do not quite fit as well as they used to do… Not only will this rule help towards all the above but you will also be giving to those less fortunate then yourself.

Then when the collection bag is dropped through your letterbox by your local charity you already have the collection prepared!

Charities who always welcome donations include but are by no means limited too.