Deperlite Explains How to Choose The Best Quality Bed Sheet: Material Selection and Weaving Comparison


Linen sheets, cotton bedding…Out of the dazzling choices, have you ever tried to understand what makes high-quality bedding? Every marketing of bed accessories can be powerful: “quality bed sheets”, “percale sheets”, “X square inch or cm²”. This complete guide will help you distinguish clearly the characteristic of each kind of material and weaving then select quality bed sheets.

Regardless of the common belief that the number of threads per square inch is not enough to judge a sheet, the quality of the yarn and weave are crucial for the touch and durability of the sheet.

What makes the quality of a thread?

The quality of a thread depends on the types of fiber (polyester, cotton, bamboo, linen, or silk) and on how the fiber has been tapered and thinned (long or short).

What makes the quality of weaving?

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The quality of the weave is measured in the number of threads per square inch. The quality of the yarn (no matter long or short fiber) plays an essential role in the final appearance and the touch. It also depends on how the threads are intertwined. The name percale, satin, or flannel designates, for example, particular types of weaving.

What makes quality bed sheets?

The natural fibers include linen, cotton, bamboo, silk versus synthetic polyester, viscose fibers, etc. The more natural are the fibers, the better the skin will breathe, and the better people will sleep, regardless of hot summer days or cold winter nights. Besides, the higher fiber quality is (like combed cotton, pure Egyptian cotton), the softer the sheets will be — weaving (percale, satin, flannel). Also, the number of threads per square inch affects the softness and resistance of the sheet.

Main types of bed sheets

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Here are the most common types of sheets, and you will find the names on the market.

Cotton-polyester (or polycotton) sheets: Partly made of synthetic fibers, they are very easy to clean, resistant, and not expensive. But, there is a tendency to pilling, and the water absorption is not strong, especially when the proportion of polyester is high.

100% cotton sheets: They are comfortable, light, absorbent, but difficult to maintain. Whether it is cheap or expensive depends on the quality of the weave.

Egyptian cotton sheet: The long and thin fibers of Egyptian cotton bedding can be very expensive, especially if the number of threads per square inch is large.

Other soft types made of multiple methods of weaving

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Percale sheet: durable, easy to care for. Just be careful, don’t be fooled by the name because the sheet is not 100% cotton percale. It is often sold under this name of cotton fibers woven around polyester fibers. Take a good look at the composition of your percale sheet!

Satin sheet: There is polyester satin (rather low-end) and cotton satin (very soft).

Flannel sheet: Like percale or satin, it is often made of polyester.

Combed cotton sheets:  It is cotton of which only the longest fibers have been kept, which makes it softer.

Linen sheets: It becomes softer the more it is used and washed, and it is extremely durable, so it can last decades when maintained correctly.

Bamboo sheet: Very soft, not very resistant.

Silk sheet:  It is rare to have only silk fibers in the cloth because it would be overpriced, so it is often mixed with Egyptian cotton.

Tencel cotton is always a good choice

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Only 1% of the global cotton can be selected for producing France Tencel cotton, which ensures its superior quality. Tencel cotton has higher air permeability than pure cotton. Especially on muggy summer nights, it can be the sleep saver with excellent moisture absorption characteristics and breathability. It can be the best choice, even for those with sensitive skin.

The discussion on quality bed sheets could go on until late at night. The best way to narrow down your choices is to rely on an experienced bedding manufacturer, like Deperlite. This France-based bedding company keeps on its unique craft and manufacture in Europe under strict quality control.

Now that you know the necessary information about every material, you can make your choice. Sleep is so important. Treat yourself better and take a thorough consideration!