How to Find and Style the Perfect Display Cabinet

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Display cabinets are a fantastic, traditional way to add some serious style and functionality to your space. Whether you plan on placing yours in your kitchen, living room, bedroom or landing, it’s going to be majorly useful and look good doing it, so a cabinet is definitely a piece you should be happy to invest in.

All being said, it’s never as easy as just falling in love and buying the very first display cabinet you see – you need to put a little time, care and consideration in before you click add to cart!

Finding your display cabinet…

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Measure your space

You need to be fully on top of your required dimensions! This means measuring your future cabinet’s room and measuring it well. You could even sketch out the rough floor plan of your space (if it’s already furnished, that is) and analyze where best to place that shiny need cabinet of yours. Keep in mind that accessible walkways and evenly distributed furniture are very important to put together a well-styled yet liveable home. Factor in the dimensions of your overall home to ensure that you’re buying your new piece of furniture to scale – something too bulky in a tiny space is off and small furniture looks wrong in a big room.

Consider storage opportunities

Your display cabinet is great for storing and showing off your most aesthetically pleasing artwork, crockery, books or sculptures – but that’s not all it can do! The great thing about display cabinets and units is that they can come with a little sneaky extra storage to tuck away those not so visually pleasing items that you might have dotted around your home. If you’re looking for some handy storage, search for a cabinet with a couple of drawers at the top or bottom of the piece.

Think about style

Style is a huge factor here! You should be hunting for a cabinet that blends seamlessly into your pre-existing décor, otherwise, it will stick out like a sore thumb and throw off the rest of the room. Most cabinets are constructed out of woods such as timber or pine, which is going to be the best choice because it wears beautifully and integrates well with most homes. Be sure to search for a neutral if you keep a contemporary, classic, shabby chic or Hamptons style home. A light white is also going to open up space, so it’s great for more compact households. If you have a home that fits more into the industrial, rustic, country, bohemian or Scandinavian decorating categories, opt for rich dark timber to add to the warming atmosphere.

Styling your display cabinet…

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Accessorise accordingly

Once you find the perfect cabinet, it’s time to get to filling it! No good having a designated display spot without some gorgeous accessories to put center stage, right? Try and stick to the rule of odd numbers, clusters of three or five look the most calming and visually pleasing so be sure to follow this tip for each shelf. Depending on your cabinet’s location, your accessories might change. For a living room, go for family photos, design books, artwork, and collected memories.

Is your cabinet headed for the kitchen? Stick to creamy or neutral crockery stacked in neat sections with a few cake-stands and cookbooks to break up the look and make it a little more exciting. Maybe your display cabinet is going in the bedroom? Use this as an opportunity to organize your books by color – this looks amazing! Add a few jewelry boxes, succulents and maybe even a battery-powered candle or two for a delightful, relaxing display.

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