Kitchen Cabinets Buying Guide

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Choosing new cabinets can be tedious when renovating and might account for at least forty percent of your total kitchen remodeling budget. They set the style and design for your kitchen space, and you’ll have them for a long time.

In the market today, you’ll find high-end cabinets with prices over some houses and ready to assemble (RTA) those that can ensemble a kitchen for under a thousand dollars. How do you pick the right ones for your kitchen?

Well, the answer is to determine what you are searching for before you set out. When you shop for cabinets, be sure to study floor models and ask many questions. For a little help, here’s a buying guide to aid you choose the right ones for your kitchen.


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Custom, semi-custom, and stock are the three main types of cabinets. Stock ones are usually sold pre-assembled at home centers, while other stores such as Ikea sell models that need assembly. This type is typically limited in styles and colors. On the other hand, semi-custom ones provide more configurations and style options. Thus, allowing a more accurate fit for your kitchen space. Lastly, the most expensive option is the custom cabinets. It can include a lot of features and specifications you’ve chosen.


When buying kitchen cabinets, you’ll find two styles, frameless and face-frame ones. Although some of the makers produce both, most create only one or the other. With face-frame type, the 3/4- or 1/2- inch particleboard or plywood front edges of the cabinet box are covered up with a 1-by-2 hardwood frame. The frame gives a strong foundation for attaching hinges and adds rigidity to the cabinet.

Draw fronts or doors usually cover the frame. However, they might be offset or flush. Standard flush hinges are normally visible from the door. On the other hand, frameless cabinets or European-style types are comprised of panels edged with a narrow strip or laminate banding and finished on both sides. A great example of frameless cabinets is RTA type. Modifying and assembling these types are very easy. You can find the assembly instructions on


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Sturdy and solid cabinets have full-extension drawer guides, wood drawers with dovetail joinery. Plus, doors with solid wood frames. So, if you’re on the lookout for kitchen cabinets in the market, inspect the construction. The ones you choose must be well-built and can stand the test of time.

For the cabinet doors, opt for a solid-wood frame surrounding plywood or solid-wood panels. For the drawers, the best ones have a plywood bottom, dovetail joinery, and solid-wood sides. Steer clear from stapled particleboard.

For the hardware, full-extension designs are much better than under-mounted double-roller designs or integrated roller designs. For the shelves, opt for 3/4-inch plywood. Lastly, for the mounting strips, ask the laborer to use 3/4-inch metal strips or hardwood strips with bolt holes.


Even if they can raise the cost by at least twenty percent, helpful features include a built-in charging station and a pullout trash can. Moreover, a lift cabinet provides easier access to your food processor or mixer.

Non-toxic Kitchen Cabinets

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You may not think of your cabinets to affect the air quality of your home. But some finishes and materials used in their production might have formaldehyde. If a person inhales this chemical, it can make you more sensitive to other chemicals, for example, cosmetics, finishes, and paints.

Take note that even small amounts of this chemical can raise your risk of the lung- and nose-related cancers. To avoid such risk on the environment and your health, consider installing cabinets made of non-toxic materials or solid wood.

Try cabinets made of bamboo. This material is sustainable and won’t pose any risk to your health. Remember that they must be made completely of these non-toxic materials, not only the drawer fronts or doors.

Non-toxic ones could be difficult to find and might be expensive since only several manufacturers make it. If you’re in a tight budget, try going to any salvage-supply stores and look for used solid-wood cabinets.

Where to Buy

Cabinets are sold mainly through showrooms, kitchen cabinet dealers, lumberyards, kitchen appliance stores, home improvement centers.

If you want to save yourself from the hassle of traveling and hopping to different cabinetry stores, Kitchen Cabinet Kings is your go-to site. It offers a wide range of cabinetry from all sizes and styles that won’t disappoint even the most meticulous buyers.

Additionally, some companies sell cabinets through retail outlets or studios.


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Cabinets differ in prices. The most affordable type is the stock type; next is the semi-custom one. And the most expensive is the custom made-to-order type. When buying them for your kitchen, it’s important to look for features that separate a well-built one from a poor one.

If buying new cabinets isn’t your top priority, then consider refurbishing your old ones. Remove drawers and doors, apply a primer, sandpaper the cabinets to do it right. Also, refacing could be an option.