3 Best Ways To Make Your Classic Car Look Like A Million Bucks

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Time is the most valuable factor in human life. This is because as the minutes go by, they are never coming back. What is new today becomes old tomorrow. That awesome 2022 model car in your garage is not-so-awesome now and it’s just January, what more a 1952 Chevy or other cars in the classic category? Bluntly speaking, your classic car (without regard for its working condition) is an oldie.

She is out-of-date as well as out-of-trend. However, the aging of wine helps the consumers to better appreciate its flavor and other desirable characteristics. Relatably, your car is already more desirable by default for simply withstanding the test of time. Nevertheless, you can as well spice things up and (in your own not-so-subtle way) even the odds.

We know you love your car but you can’t ignore the fact that she looks like your granny went to a college party while you’re stuck in traffic, or you just need her to look more expensive to better her worth in the market. Without much ado, we would love to walk you through the best ways to make your classic car look like you’re driving a million bucks.

1. Maintain a Great Maintenance Culture

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This is the bedrock of car ownership. It is so deep that your classic car would not only look good but also feel good. Car maintenance starts from as little as washing the car regularly. There is nothing chill about driving a dusty car around. You don’t want to find out how much havoc dirt and salt accumulation will wreck on your finish, especially if you’re being careful to keep her original color for extra effect. Make sure to also clean your wheels properly by removing the buildup of dirt and grease. Get a shampoo and vacuum for the interior (carpets and seats), it must look and smell good on the interior as much as it does on the exterior.

The next phase of maintenance is just as important as the former. You must ensure that all working parts of the classic car are actually functioning as they should be. To think that you don’t even have to say a word, the mere sound of your engine can tell tales of how you invested your growing years and money on its maintenance. If you really need to up the value of your classic car, she needs to be at her best functionality at all times.

2. Avoid Dents and Scratches

Little dents here, little scratches there, and before you know it your car is looking like an effect from Nightmare on Elm street. Personally, we pause and say a silent prayer whenever we are driving and we hear any bump sound around my car. Continuous dents and scratches to a car’s paint and bodywork would turn it into an ugly mess in no time. If a prospective buyer sees even the smallest scratch or dent on your car at a first glance and you don’t need a soothsayer before you know that’s a downward slope on the price of the car. You’d outrightly offer a higher amount for well-fed and uninjured cattle in the abattoir.

3. Be Creative

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At this point, you must’ve noticed that most of your effort is geared towards an appealing outward appearance. Beautiful as a lady is, her beauty is better appreciated when her face is made up. It’s the same for your classic car. You’d be surprised how different your car would look if you changed only the lights. Below is a list of other cheap installations that would gear up your car’s worth:

  • Stickers and vinyl wrap if installed in the right places would give your classic car an arresting look.
  • Consider upgrading your audio unit. Have that oldie removed and replaced with a more user-friendly interface.
  • Change your wheels. A rim change may sometimes mean a change in tires. The question is “Do you want her to look fancy or not?”
  • When you change your front and rear bumpers/spoilers, you are sure to give an impression that your classic car is in fact a limited edition of that very car model.
  • Another obvious change is a paint job. Trust me, some colors are more attractive than others.
  • The company-installed grille may also look too boring. A fancy replacement would give her just what you want.
  • Do some interior finish. The interior has a lot of room for you to express yourself. You may choose to install backup cameras, phone mounts, dashboard covers, seat covers, and floor mats. You may also choose to enhance the pedals to make them look more recent.
  • An expensive makeover is also at your discretion. If it doesn’t jiggle your pocket, you can include gold, silver, or other expensive installments just because you want to. It also multiplies the classic car value by many folds.
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As much as you’re adding personal effects to your classic car, it is in your best interest to make changes and updates that can be easily changed. This is because your taste could change with time and you’d need to update her looks. It is also a plus when you have to put the car up for sale. This is because the prospective buyer may not enjoy your personal effects and would like to make some changes after his/her purchase.

Such buyers may lose interest if the effects are fixed. In spite of all these, a plain old 1948 Chevrolet Styleline without any effects may be what gives you the best satisfaction. Do your best to keep her squeaky clean and in good shape whether she is sitting in your garage, model showroom, or you’re driving her around the hood.

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