5 Common Mistakes Students Make During Writing Any Assignment

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Have you ever been in a situation where you got a bad grade for your essay, thinking that it was an amazing paper? How many times did you not understand why a professor was not satisfied with your assignment? Do you struggle with procrastination because you are too afraid to write really poor content? With the help of BidForWriting experts, you shouldn’t worry about these issues anymore.

We work with students from different countries and colleges, but all of them make the same mistakes. Check this list along with tips on how to fix them, which helps to understand how to write fascinating papers and boost your academic performance.

Students don’t understand their assignments correctly

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Your professors assign you essays for a reason. And if you don’t understand this reason, you can’t write a decent paper. That’s why students send “I can’t write my essay” messages — the problem is not that they’re stupid or lazy; they just need to understand professors’ requirements and expectations.

The first thing everyone should pay attention to is the essay type. It defines the assignment content. For example, when you’re writing argumentative essays, you need to choose a point of view and find evidence to support your position. The main point of this paper is to convince readers that your vision is clear, logical, and consistent. But when it comes to a personal statement, the aim of this paper is pretty different. The goal is to tell your story, explain your motivation, and make the admissions committee fall in love with you.

It is also necessary to consider the topic, number of pages, formatting style, target audience, deadline, and other aspects. When you understand what result you’re expected to provide, you know the right direction to follow. If there is some miscommunication, feel free to contact your professor or other students with any questions. It would also be a good idea to hire an online essay writing service, since professional writers are well-aware of modern academic standards.

Students don’t research

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If you’re working on improving your writing, it might be necessary to start by improving your research. It is absolutely normal if you don’t know much about a topic, because the bottom line is that you need to find this information. Actually, even if you think that you have some knowledge, it is still necessary to look for additional sources. Where can each student find more data?

  • Look through the reading list and the bibliographies to find relevant works;
  • Look through your lecture notes: most professors recommend additional sources of information;
  • Look for trustworthy online databases, student portals, thematic platforms;
  • Visit your college and public libraries — there are a lot of books that you can’t find online;
  • Check the printed or e-journals for the topic of interest. You don’t have to read all the articles; just take a look at their abstracts to understand whether they are worth your time.

Remember that you should make notes all the time. If you come across some interesting facts or names related to discipline, write them down. The more information you have at hand, the better content you can create. Of course, you can also ask for essay writing help and expect that someone will find this data for you, but it is still necessary to work on your inner student’s research skills if you want to succeed.

Students plagiarize their content

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Obviously, plagiarism is not acceptable. Most educational institutions apply specific consequences, and you can even be expelled. It is not a good idea to try your luck, but a lot of students still plagiarize for many reasons. Most of them do not do this intentionally; they panic, lack confidence or time, and don’t know how to format quotes. Professional authors receive “help me write my paper” messages when students experience difficulties with integrating source information into their own content.

Whatever student paper you write, you should remember that it is not allowed to just copy and paste someone else’s words. When you work with sources, your task is to process the information, analyze it, and come up with your own insights. Of course, you can provide quotes when it is important to make your piece more interesting and convincing. But these quotes should be formatted appropriately in accordance with official guidelines. When you ask for help with writing an essay, it is also important to ensure that the company double-checks all the papers before delivery. There are many online tools that can check your content for you, so take some time to ensure that your assignment is free of plagiarism.

Students don’t plan their time in advance

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Actually, time management is one of the biggest challenges that freshmen deal with. Let’s be honest: you can’t write a really good paper in a couple of hours. But online essay writers can. They have the necessary experience to finish all the tasks quickly. Of course, it depends on your assignment’s type and volume. Even the best author will need at least several days to complete a dissertation.

That’s why if you want to come up with an A-level document, you need to plan your writing in advance. Once your professor assigns a task, explore it to evaluate the scope of work, and decide on your future steps. If you have a week before a deadline, you can create an outline on Monday, write an introductory section on Tuesday, body paragraphs on Wednesday, Thursday, conclude on Friday, and proofread the document on Saturday. It means that your Sunday will be absolutely free, and you will not have to pull an all-nighter to meet the deadline.

And even if you want to hire a ​​website that writes essays, place your order in advance because you need to have a guarantee that there will be no deadlines. Besides, you have to proofread the draft and request edits if necessary.

Students don’t ask for help


It is not only that they should send “write an essay for me online” messages and outsource their assignments, many students don’t ask for help at all. You’re lucky to live in the 21st century with its infinite opportunities, and you definitely should take advantage of them.

For example, there are many websites with writing tips, applications like Grammarly or Pomodoro to get rid of mistakes and avoid procrastination, and platforms like Coursera or MasterClass where you can gain new skills, etc. You can ask your friends to proofread papers, join the college literature club, and find a personal mentor. Most professors appreciate it when their students ask questions and act proactive, so leverage all the chances to take your studies to the next level!