What Makes For A Good Essay? – 2024 Guide

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We learn to write short essays from childhood, from the first grades. You may not have given it much, though, but this probably was your first time pouring your heart out on a piece of paper. Remember the struggles of these assignments, and think about how much you’ve changed since then.

Writing an essay is quite easy if you have a basic understanding of this genre. But before you learn more about writing techniques, you need to understand what an essay is.
Let’s talk about how essays are different from novels or songs and what their characteristics are.

The main features of an essay:

  • Small volume:

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one to two or five pages – you can choose. The main thing is that you have enough knowledge about a specific topic. And, of course, you shouldn’t try to create something extraordinary – your efforts will not be appreciated.

  • Free form:

The use of colloquial speech is allowed. The essay does not pretend to be an academic piece of writing. It does not always need an introduction and conclusion. You can divide it into chapters and paragraphs and omit this structure altogether. In terms of stylistics, the author is left with complete creative freedom. However, you should avoid making grammar and spelling mistakes. Finding your own style is necessary.

There is always a specific topic, which the essay talks about. The topic can be about anything – from “What I want to become when I grow up” (you remember these essays) to “The best types of ice cream.” If you want to get published in a local newspaper, choose a specific question. If you are writing on a given topic, please, be specific enough with that topic.

  • Subjectivity

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Your thoughts and personality shine through in essays. Remember: you are not omnipresent and have your own opinion. And it’s alright if someone doesn’t agree with you. After all, your goal is not to please everybody in the world – it is to tell your truth.
– Newness: Choose a unique topic, something you’re passionate about. Something is of great importance and interest to you. Share your views, even if they’re unconventional.

  • Honesty:

Express yourself honestly in your writing. You might have insights into the topic that will resonate with others. Maybe, your opinions will change someone’s perspective on things. You can never know.

Who do they write essays for?

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Essay writing is not only for the men of science and writers. While we all still need to learn, everyone can write, no matter your age or current education level. Also, most essays will only be read by your teachers or employer.

Or who knows, maybe your parents or siblings would also read it? But it is totally up to you. Nonetheless, having someone you trust read your work might be beneficial in many ways.

What is the value of writing an essay?

The ability to correctly formulate feelings and opinions through writing is great. Moreover, it is self-evident. Generally, a few mistakes can be overlooked, as long as the text is pleasant to read overall.

Your writing style is not always important for employers. They care about pieces that have a clear message and are free of mistakes. Creativity is not actually crucial.

The research you conduct when writing an essay can also make you more acquainted with the current state of political affairs, finance, philosophical thought, literature, languages, customs, history, and so much more!

The contents of your essay are the most important thing to consider. Your feelings, views, and thoughts – this is what the reader is interested in. This is what your essay writing should be about. Not everybody is born with certain skills. You must try to find out who you are as a person, what motivates, fascinates, scares, and inspires you.

Your writing should still have some identifying characteristics that can be used to tell you apart from other people. Words you use, topics you pick, situations you talk about. The way you describe the world. All these are your trademarks.

Based on the information already mentioned, here’s some advice for a beginner essay writer

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1. Be positive – there are so many negative things in the world.
2. Connection words (they help to move smoothly from one part to another).
3. Different sentence structure. (Reading sentences of the correct structure is tedious. Add a few inversions. Write sentences of different lengths.)
4. Clear words. (Understand the meaning of the words you use in the essay. You write to impress with meaning, not vocabulary. Sophistication is good, but in moderation.)
5. Different words (synonymy.)
6. Conciseness.
7. Each word is important (no repetitions; each sentence must have a unique meaning).
8. Active life position.

Writing can still be tricky, especially if you’re new to it. If you need assistance writing an essay, you can check out BestCustomWriting.com.

To sum up, essays are not that very difficult to write. Sometimes, writing an essay correctly might be a challenge because you need to choose the right words. To be able to do that, however, think and reflect on the topic you’ve picked for an essay. What do you know about the subject matter? What other resources can be utilized to further your knowledge? You might be surprised that inspiration for writing can be found almost everywhere.

Also, do not be afraid of constructive criticism. Feedback from someone can make a huge difference. Reading literature is another helpful way to improve your writing naturally. However, choose the works you read wisely. Many authors that have lived before having amazing stories to tell. The words they use are also a great indicator of their wisdom, talent, and creativity. Try to learn from them. Remember that if you want to be good at something, you should learn from the best. That way, now only will you improve as an essay writer, but in general. And don’t be afraid to pick topics that seem difficult to explore. We learn something new all the time. That’s what makes life a journey.