The Most Popular Deposit Methods Among Non-GAMSTOP Users

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Every year, millions of customers worldwide place bets on gambling sites – they love the feeling of excitement and anticipation of winning that they experience. Gambling is an enjoyable way to spend time, which is why its popularity remains consistently high.

However, for a small group of people, gaming is no longer a way of entertainment and can lead to personal, social, financial, and even medical problems. Casinos’ responsibility is to help customers play safely and responsibly, to reduce the threat, and help people in need of treatment. That is why many of them provide visitors with the opportunity to prevent access to the website for a certain time. This feature is called Gamstop.

Nevertheless, regular (non-Gamstop) users continue playing slots, poker, and other games of interest. The most popular payment methods are reviewed below, follow this site if you would like to find out more information.

Top Depositing Methods for Non-GamStop Users

From the financial point of view, the opportunities of players are growing because the number of depositing methods increases. So, here are the most popular options.

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1. Visa and MasterCard

Plastic cards connected to MasterCard or Visa are used by residents of more than 200 countries, and such cards are issued by about 20,000 banks. When using cards, the holder will not notice the difference: both Visa and MasterCard have a high transaction speed and an equally high level of security.

The main differences include the possibility of making card payments abroad without additional conversion. Initially, the dollar was considered the key currency for Visa, while MasterCard allowed people to pay in both dollars and euros, depending on the country of residence. Today, banks can set any of the currencies – it can be euro, dollar, or any other. Gamblers can feel safe while using this payment option.

2. Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a payment system that allows you to instantly make contactless payments, transactions on websites, and mobile applications. The customer only needs to link one’s card once and confirm subsequent payments using TouchID or FaceID. The technology is available for owners of Apple devices (in Safari browsers, on iPhone, iPad, and some MacBook models).

To pay online, you do not need to create an additional profile or account. Apple Pay uses a unique transaction code and a unique device number to conduct transactions. Since the card number is not saved on the device or servers, it is not transmitted anywhere during the payment and will not be intercepted by fraudsters.

3. Paysafecard

Paysafecard is an electronic payment system that does not have e-wallets or customer accounts. The system is based on vouchers – cards with special codes (16-digit number). The value of vouchers is indicated in euros, but users can convert them to 23 international currencies. Paysafecard is the most popular in Europe. The company’s offices are located in 27 countries.

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4. EcoPayz

EcoPayz is a convenient payment system that allows players to easily and profitably make deposits and transfers within the system without any commissions. The payment system is distinguished by a simplified registration and verification system, lifetime VIP statuses, and accounts in several currencies. The British payment system applies strict requirements to the storage and security of customer personal data (two-step verification, online PIN-code for ecoCard, etc.). It is convenient to work with ecoPayz thanks to mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms.

5. MuchBetter

MuchBetter is a new payment system created specifically for poker players, which is a great alternative for gamblers and allows them to make instant deposits and quick cashouts without commissions. This British payment system is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), which makes it no less reliable than other well-known payment systems. MuchBetter is currently supported by many popular poker rooms and can become a convenient tool for making transfers.

6. PayPal

PayPal is ideal for sending and receiving instant payments. You can use PayPal from a computer browser or a mobile device. It guarantees the absolute security of all transactions. The status of the platform continues to hold a solid position, but this is partly because the payment system has become a handy tool for many users. Today the number of users of this system exceeds 325 million, it operates in more than 200 countries with 25 national currencies. To use a PayPal account, you need to confirm your bank card details, as well as your ID.

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7. Skrill

Skrill is a popular payment system founded in 2001 in London. Simple registration and the absence of commission for deposits/cashouts make it especially convenient and in demand among professional gamblers. The payment system is attractive with its VIP statuses that provide their owners with many privileges and remove all commissions. Skrill is a great place to store your bankroll: thanks to the Skrill Security Token, your money will always be safe.

8. Neteller

Neteller is an electronic payment system created in Canada in 1999. Neteller allows you to securely pay for online purchases and transfer money instantly around the world. The system works in more than 200 countries. Currently, this system is a part of the Paysafe Group and is one of the most popular payment methods along with PayPal and Skrill. As of today, Neteller supports 26 account currencies, and the interface of the payment system’s website is available in 13 languages.

9. Cryptocurrencies

The number of people actively using digital currencies for payments is constantly growing. Today, online casinos that work with cryptocurrencies, mainly with Bitcoin (BTC), are gaining more popularity. Some online casinos work exclusively with Bitcoin, while others offer BTC as an additional alternative to traditional currency.  For this purpose, you can use Cryptopay – an online wallet where you can easily store and spend your money in the form of Bitcoins, Euros, British Pounds, or US Dollars.

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10. Mobile payments

Almost every person has a mobile phone, while not every casino member has an electronic wallet, and some people find it difficult to deal with all aspects of replenishing an account using virtual systems. The mobile operator works regardless of the presence of a bank card, blocking, or verification. They offer customers a simple and quick procedure for replenishing the balance. The main requirement for transferring money is the availability of the required amount on the balance.

In Conclusion

This list of payment methods is not complete. Each specific casino allows its customers to choose among a huge range of payment options. Each of the above-mentioned methods is safe, so you are free to choose any to make a deposit.