Postcards: How They Can Benefit Your Business


Every business must brand itself to draw people in. This brand helps customers identify a company that resonates with them. Once the brand has been established, the business must ensure the target audience is aware of its existence. Postcard marketing is one way to achieve this goal. What benefits come with this marketing technique?

Tangible Communications

Digital advertising has become the norm today. People don’t visit the mailbox like they used to in the hopes of receiving something special. However, they do still go to the mailbox.

When they do, ensure they find a postcard from the business. This is a tangible item that they can see and feel, which helps to make the business memorable. They aren’t expecting to receive this card, so they want to know what it says.

Once they read the card, they may put it on their refrigerator to follow up with the company, or share it with someone they know may be interested in the product or service being offered.

The fact that this is a tangible item helps to brand the business. It allows the company to stand out in the crowd, as it isn’t simply another form of digital clutter. Learn more about this advertising option at

Test Marketing


A company may use postcard marketing to test an advertising technique. It won’t cost them a fortune to do so, and they can see if changes are needed on the postcard before doing a bulk mailing. An easy way to determine this is to create several postcards with slight variations. Determine which version provides the most conversions and send that one out as a bulk mailing. However, before sending out the test variations, have metrics in place to evaluate the results.

Evaluating Results

Postcard campaigns must be evaluated to ensure they are effective. Metrics allow a company to make this determination objectively. One way to measure the effectiveness is to track the number of postcards sent to consumers. Compare this to the number of sales leads generated. The postcard that produces the most leads is the one that should be used.

The focus should be on sales leads rather than actual sales. The goal of the marketing campaign is to generate interest and increase traffic. Marketing is designed to bring people in the door. Once they visit the business, the products and services need to sell themselves.

Increased Traffic

Postcard marketing helps to drive traffic to a website. In addition, it brings people to the company’s social media site, while encouraging people to visit the location. Keep the message short and sweet, so the reader wants to learn more about the company and its offerings.

A postcard is an excellent way to announce a special event or sale. The company might use the card to share a significant date with customers or remind them to save this date.

The marketing is unique, which means people are more inclined to pay attention to it. Furthermore, postcard marketing helps the business reach those members of the target audience that might otherwise be overlooked. They may soon become paying customers.

Cost-Effective Marketing


Business owners find postcard marketing to be affordable. They cannot afford many forms of advertising. For example, they may not be able to rent out a billboard or invest in flashy ads on the internet. When they turn to postcard marketing, however, they can reach more of the target audience without spending a fortune to do so.

Small business owners can advertise more when they choose postcard marketing. Tracking the results is easy when this marketing technique is used, which allows business owners to get the most for their marketing budget. They can make changes if the postcards aren’t providing the desired results.

Focused Message

Postcards get right to the point. The message doesn’t get lost in the weeds. This makes it more impactful. Space is restricted on the postcard, so the business must ensure only critical information is shared.

The message must be clear or the postcard won’t be effective. Ensure the reader can get the information they desire quickly and easily. Prominent details must be highly visible to make certain the reader sees and remembers them.

This message can be anything the business desires. The postcard may direct the reader to its website or encourage them to visit the physical location. However, postcards might be used for other purposes.

A business might use a postcard to conduct a survey or provide customers with a discount. Thanks to the low cost of the postcards, a business might want to send postcards monthly, using each postcard for something different.

Re-targeting Efforts


A business may reach out to a customer they haven’t seen in a while or someone that has purchased their products in the past. Postcards are one way to connect with these customers again. This re-targeting tactic can be very effective.

Most customers who visit a business aren’t ready to purchase yet, according to Forbes. While they are interested in what the business offers, they aren’t ready to spend any money. Re-targeting these consumers helps to boost the conversion rate. Postcards take little time and effort to create but provide an outstanding way to send them a reminder of the business when they want to make a purchase.

Rapid Deployment

A postcard is simple and straightforward. This allows the business to get before the public in little time. A graphic designer can come up with an effective postcard quickly. Once they do, the postcards go out in the mail. They don’t require special preparation before doing so.

A business should never underestimate the power of print marketing today. Most business owners focus on digital marketing efforts and ignore the more conventional ones. They still offer countless benefits that cannot be overlooked. This is a technique every business should try to see their return on investment. Most companies find this ROI is very impressive and make this technique part of their regular marketing plan. Try it today and you may find the same is true for your organization.