Exploring Education: A Comprehensive Guide to the Various Types of Private and Independent Schools

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Studying in private and independent educational institutions offers unique advantages and opportunities. But it requires parents to be careful with their budget. That’s first and foremost. But there are other things to consider. About types of private schools and types of independent schools, how they differ from each other, their pros and cons, and where it is better to send your child – read on.

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Private Schools

The main characteristics of different types of private school are:

  • The possibility of choosing subjects independently, while maintaining the number of hours in the compulsory part of the curriculum.
  • The possibility of choosing the most convenient form of education: full-time, distance learning or boarding.
  • Personalized learning – an individual approach to each child.

Private schools also have drawbacks:

  • A relaxed atmosphere can have a negative effect on the learning process itself and the motivation of the students. Children may be irresponsible with their homework or skip classes without good reason.
  • The need to pay for education – private schools hit the pocketbook. Parents must pay substantial sums not only for tuition, but also for additional services, including the cost of maintaining the facility itself and a percentage for teachers’ salaries. Of course, most of this is covered by the owners, but not all. Unlike independent schools.

Speaking of which…

Independent Schools

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Independent schools may seem almost identical to private schools. But there are some serious differences. For example, the fact that they are funded entirely by student tuition. And donations. The governance system of such a school is similar to that of a corporation: its management often consists of a board of directors.

However, this does not mean that such schools can make their own rules. They are all, in one way or another, subject to review by an official education state commission. This applies to all types of independent schools, regardless of their profile or specialization.

Curriculum and Programs

Strictly speaking, both types usually offer a choice of subjects. But in private schools the choice is often greater. In addition, they provide more opportunities to participate in various clubs and extra-curricular activities, and they tend to teach children the most modern directions, which are the future.

Robotics, artificial intelligent, molecular science – all of these are more common in privates than in independent ones.

Admission Process

There are no general selection rules – each school sets them independently. It is difficult to know the requirements of a particular place because they are not usually published. However, you can ask parents of admitted students or local teachers for advice.

It cannot be said that the admissions process for private and independent schools is very different. Except that the former usually have more requirements.

Here is a small checklist to help you prepare for an interview at either school:

  1.   Act confident. It is a good idea to walk with your child – it is not forbidden; in fact, it is even encouraged.
  2.   Dress cleanly and neatly.
  3.   Make sure your child is up to date in all important subjects before enrolling. Schools (regardless of their profile) pay special attention to science subjects.

Benefits of British International Schools with a Language Focus

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Specialized British international schools are the ideal choice if your main goal is to learn a language quickly. The special feature of such schools is that they follow the highest standards in order to provide the utmost level of knowledge.

In addition, such schools also pay attention to immersion – the student will be in an English-speaking environment so that he or she can learn and memorize the foreign language much faster. It is possible to create such an atmosphere thanks to the installation of various English paraphernalia: flags, coats of arms and national patrimony.

And, of course, a flexible and well-designed schedule. All controversial and situational subjects such as oceanography, tourism, business and environmental management can be excluded by agreement with parents and replaced by additional language lessons.

Teachers qualifications are best at these schools. Simply because they are usually native speakers who can easily explain to students what’s what.

Financial Considerations & Making the Right Choice

In terms of price, private schools are usually more expensive. If you have the money and want your child to get a first-class education, then this is definitely your choice.

Independent schools are worth looking into if you have less money but still want your child to get a good education.

By the way, some places have financial aid programs that allow you to save huge sums on tuition fees. For example, Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, has such a practice. There, about 46% of students receive help paying for their classes, and another 12% are fully reimbursed by the institution.

To find out if there is any possibility of reducing tuition fees, it makes sense to contact the organization directly.

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The program in both types of schools is usually agreed upon directly with the parents in order to provide as many options as possible, but in privates it is usually more flexible because such institutions have more money and can afford a certain amount of freedom.

In today’s world it is very important to give a child a proper education, so parents are looking for more and more options where to place their child.

This is a very good attitude.

Private and independent schools are the same coin, but from different sides and with small nuances. We hope the information in this article will help you make the right choice.