How a Professional Remodeling Company Can Transform Your Space


No matter the project size or budget, professional remodeling companies offer transformative solutions. By following their plans and expertise in industry practices, their projects will go smoothly and on schedule.

Penguin Basements professionals can assist with all aspects of basement renovation.

Residential Basement Entrance

Are You Wanting a Functional Basement, or Just an Improved Home? Hiring a professional remodeling company can make all the difference when renovating. These experienced experts understand all of the latest design trends, and know exactly what it takes to transform any space into your dream home.

Remodeling your basement is an effective way to increase its value, as well as enjoy a more comfortable and enjoyable space in it. Successful basement remodeling projects take into account your individual needs, desires and budget in order to produce stunning finished results that you will be proud to show off.

An effective and cost-effective basement renovation begins by choosing the appropriate contractor. An ideal company will deliver top-quality workmanship, service, and workflow management, while helping select appropriate products for your project.

A reputable Penguin Basements remodeling company should provide you with the necessary materials that fit within your budget, as well as meeting all your specifications to ensure a safe and healthy living space in your new basement. To further protect you, some have included insurance and other benefits in their contracts in the event of any unexpected issues arising during the remodeling process.

Remodeling projects, no matter their size or scope, are never too small or large for good companies to take on. A good company will offer free consultation so that your project can get underway quickly and provide you with an estimate and timeline to see it through completion.

An effective strategy for selecting an ideal remodeling contractor is speaking with several companies and getting an understanding of their credentials and reputation. Request references or referrals, then select your final company for your next project.

When you’re ready to make your dreams a reality, contact a professional remodeling company for your residential basement entrance. With the right team, your basement will be transformed into an inviting and functional home you can enjoy for years to come.

Kitchen Remodeling


No matter if it’s major renovation or minor improvements, professional remodeling companies offer solutions. From designing services and planning blueprints, all the way through managing the project itself – professional remodelers offer it all!

Step one of any renovation project should be to determine what kind of remodel you wish for, which could range from painting a room or room with new cabinets, countertops and appliances all the way to complete overhaul with completely new cabinets, countertops and appliances – depending on your goals and available budget for work on this area of your home.

Major kitchen renovation typically entails changing or redesigning your layout while eliminating old fixtures and appliances from your space. On average, this kind of kitchen remodel costs around $60,000. But costs could rise substantially further depending on specific circumstances.

Major kitchen remodels also require more planning and building work than smaller remodels, involving more complicated plumbing, electrical, and structural works.

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, consulting with a professional is highly advised to avoid costly mistakes and ensure the task gets completed on time and correctly.

Hiring professionals can also help you maximize the return on your remodeling costs, including better deals on materials and other purchases.

An expert kitchen designer can also guide you through the selection process for appliances, flooring and other components – offering invaluable assistance as you create an amazing looking yet budget-conscious kitchen space.

An important element of any kitchen remodel is selecting a design that’s personalized to you and your family’s lifestyle. As this space will likely become one of your main gathering places, selecting one you love is key for optimal performance.

Professional remodelers take great care in understanding your lifestyle, needs and preferences to design a kitchen that makes cooking and meal prep simpler and more pleasurable than ever.

Kitchen remodeling projects can have a great effect on the resale value of your home and increase its appeal, helping it sell faster and for more money if and when the time comes for you to relocate.

Bathroom Remodeling


Professional bathroom remodelers can help transform your bathroom into the ideal space to suit both your lifestyle and tastes. They will assist with selecting materials, designing layout, taking measurements accurately and making adjustments accordingly to ensure it will be safe, cost-efficient and functional for all.

Professional remodelers typically can complete bathroom renovation projects faster than you could by yourself. Their years of experience allow them to handle similar projects more smoothly while their access to resources enables them to ensure your renovation goes as smoothly as possible.

DIY bathroom remodelers with plenty of free time may want to consider taking on their bathroom renovation themselves in order to save some money, while at the same time doing it right and safely. A bathroom renovation typically involves changing plumbing and electrical systems so it is vitally important that licensed electricians and plumbers be hired.

Making changes can be daunting, but an experienced remodeling professional can guide your efforts in the right direction. They have plenty of ideas that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing for you to choose from and are experts on materials which would best meet your requirements.

Layout changes can be substantial and involve moving fixtures like tub/shower units, sinks and toilets – a tedious, messy and often costly undertaking that is still sometimes necessary.

Altering the footprint of your bathroom may involve large structural modifications, including moving an exterior wall out or altering its ceiling or roof. Such changes can add significant value and comfort when using this room.

One of the easiest and cost-effective bathroom remodels is converting from tub-to-shower, whereby a walk-in shower takes its place in place of the bathtub. This solution can be especially beneficial if your bathroom has limited space that needs filling with another fixture such as an awkwardly-shaped bathtub taking up most of its floorspace.

Addition of a second sink can make a room more functional for multiple users and cabinets can also provide extra storage capacity within a space.

Commercial Remodeling


As professional remodeling companies offer commercial remodeling projects more cost-effectively than building from scratch, commercial renovation projects may increase your property value while giving your office or hotel new life.

Remodeling commercial properties can save money on energy costs by installing more energy-efficient equipment or solar power to reduce dependence on local grids. Furthermore, commercial remodeling strengthens brand recognition among customers who appreciate establishments that prioritize sustainability.

Commercial remodeling projects can also increase safety and accessibility by installing ramps, handrails, and wheelchair lifts – features which allow more people to access your facilities – something which could greatly benefit employees as well as customers alike.

An experienced contractor will assist in planning and overseeing every stage of commercial space renovation from start to finish, from planning the design through to meeting goals and budget constraints. They’ll guide you step by step until completion.

Planning a commercial remodeling project starts with having a clear vision in your mind of how the space should look once completed. Once this step has been taken, work can begin on its implementation.

Once your design is finalized, your contractor can assist in selecting materials such as flooring, paint and lighting for the project. Involve an architect if possible so your commercial remodeling project aligns with your company’s style and branding.

Maintenance is also key when remodeling commercial properties; many municipalities require building permits before any construction work can begin.

Before undertaking a commercial remodeling project, it is wise to contact your local building code authority in order to establish what compliance measures and permits are necessary for compliance and ensure your property remains safe for use. Doing this can prevent delays during the process and give you peace of mind that it’s safe.

Once construction is complete, your contractor will conduct a final inspection of their work – this may take from weeks to months depending on how extensive it is. In this phase of inspections, they should arrange to have a dumpster delivered directly to the site for trash collection purposes.