7 Pros and Cons of Renting Furnished Apartments in 2024

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Furnished space for rent is often the preference of many tourists during the holiday season, but also within all other types of travel activities. There are situations when this is simply one of the most suitable solutions and, according to its popularity, it could be said that it absolutely doesn’t lag behind other options. Even when you get into a dilemma about the space in which you’ll stay, it’s enough to look at the colorful pages of local magazines or websites with irresistible pictures of luxuriously furnished rooms. You instantly start to wish you became richer for this experience.

Now you’ll ask: ‘How could I possibly know what kind of rooms-to-rent near me are the best for my own needs?’Or: ‘Even if I prefer this option, where can I find furnished apartments in Berlin, London, or any other metropole where I’m supposed to go on vacation? Huh, so many questions – and they do require many answers. Of course, the choice is always yours and only yours. But it’s not impossible to come to the situation when you won’t really know if this is what you want or need on this occasion.

Since we’re all different and everyone likes different things, to some, this may seem like the greatest possible scenario, and to some, it would sound like something they would rather skip. Let’s realistically see how many advantages and disadvantages this alternative actually has. And after that, well… you’ll find it easier to decide whether this option is for you or not.

Let’s start with the good ones, of course.

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1. Location diversity

When it comes to hotels, you’ll usually be able to find them in the immediate vicinity of the city center or the place where you’re staying. They’re mostly located there for practical reasons and are the choice of tourists who want to be in that part of the town precisely, not on the outskirts. However, if we consider the option of flats for rent, we’ll notice that they’re arranged throughout the city. This means that you’ll most likely be able to find the available options even if they aren’t in the heart of the place.

Let’s take Farawayhome as an example – not only it offers fully furnished apartments for rent in Berlin, but the owners also let you choose from a variety of parts of the town. This is especially handy if you come to a place for specific reasons or need to visit certain sites or objects situated in the suburbs or on the outskirts. You won’t have to take public transport to the opposite part of the town– it’s enough to walk for a few minutes.

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2. Cost-effectiveness

In flats like this, you usually get charged for pure rental of space only – and we don’t have the same scenario in hotels and other types of similar accommodation where the costs usually include additional services. This, of course, means bigger expenses. However, considering the overall quality of the furniture in such flats and what they offer within themselves, it isn’t complex to notice that it’s far more worthwhile than wasting too much cash for less useful features.

Can you just imagine how much easier this makes group travel, where you finally won’t have to pay per person? Or a trip with a big family? It’ll be enough to divide the total cost of rent by the number of people and you’ll realize how much more cost-effective and practical this option is.

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3. Availability of specific devices

So, what do fully furnished apartments include in London and Berlin, but also in other towns or places? Among other things, they provide some devices and units that you wouldn’t actually be able to find and use in other types of rooms for rent. The hotel rooms are comfy and nicely decorated, but not so practical –you’ll hardly find a stove, kitchen appliances, washing machine, fridge or any other functional part that certain rooms in your home contain.

This is great for the simple reason–behaving literally like in your own home and doing all the activities that you need these devices for has never been simpler. It also contributes to a more comfortable feeling, but let’s learn more about that in the next section.

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4. Comfort and atmosphere

Hotels and rooms in apartment accommodation usually differ in size. The classic hotel ones are generally not very spacious, and guests are given only a minimum to be able to function, while the latter usually means more square meters. And not only that but also more rooms within that available space.

In addition, each flat is a story for itself and has its own ‘microclimate’. Furnished apartments are reminiscent of the atmosphere in which we enjoy the warmth of our home, as we’re free to prepare our own food, chill, and have our privacy. Purely because of the general subjective feeling, this can make a significant difference to someone.

And now, let’s hear some cons – or what could possibly go wrong with the furnished flats.

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1. Unavailable services

It’s true that an apartment with multiple rooms and other benefits in the form of necessary furniture sounds more enjoyable, but still, not everyone considers it a privilege to do everything themselves. Those who are accustomed to room and bedding change service and cleaning may not be satisfied with this solution.

You’ll have to clean by yourself, take care of everything inside the space and prepare your own meals, wash your laundry and everything else that belongs to the group of house activities. Of course, if this is an unnecessary complication for you and your crew and you want to take a break from it, it’s always advisable to choose another type of flat or room where you can stay.

2. No supervision

Supervision is an extremely useful and amazing part of the hotel benefits. While it’s really great that no one’s disturbing you while being in the apartment, that you have your key and that the chances of this type of interference are minimal, there’s an undeniable chance that something could go wrong.

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The ones who rents out the apartment is at your service, but not at all times since they also have their own lives. Therefore, at times it might happen that you’re left at the mercy of current conditions if something isn’t functioning properly or if you need assistance with something.

3. It’s more difficult to verify the owner’s credibility

Many people are afraid to rent private accommodation because they don’t know where their money goes, especially when they do it online. And while a certain amount of security is inevitably imposed in hotels, the same couldn’t always be said for these situations.

There’s always a chance, although very small, that you might be robbed or experience an unforeseen and not so nice situation with a person who rents out apartments. To prevent something like this from happening, you need to be sure to research in detail all the options and owners that come into consideration.