Top 11 Reasons To Start Playing Golf in 2024

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Physical activity of any kind is suitable for both the mind and body. You could be doing chores, jogging, working out in the gym, or engaging in sports. If there’s one sport that you can enjoy any time of the day, it’s golf. It is a ball sport that does not require incredible athletic abilities, unlike other ball games. It is a mental game that does not require you to run and leap. The first person to reach the goal is the winner.

Why You Should Golf

Playing golf may seem like a bore at first, but there are many reasons why it’s one of the most popular sports in our time today.

1. High-Quality Equipment

You have access to the best equipment you can find whatever your golf playing level. The first step to learning it is to know that it’s important to properly fit your equipment. If you want to start off with the best performance you can give, selecting the right golf clubs and finely tuning them is the key. You would also need one of the best golf bags to carry your clubs around. There are a few types of golf bags:

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  • Carry bags
  • Stand bags
  • Travel bags
  • Golf Cart bags
  • Staff bags

According to CherrywoodGolfClub, when choosing the golf bag for you, you must consider how often you’ll be playing and at what type of course. Do you value functionality? Do you feel that your clubs need extra protection? You may also discover the need to have two or more types of bags if you think you would benefit from them even more.

2. Exercise

Golf makes an excellent low-impact exercise for anyone at any age, especially for those who are overweight. While it requires a significant amount of focus and stamina to keep swinging one’s arms, you only need to walk to get to the various areas of the course to finish the game. It became a popular sport because it’s easy on the joints, and anyone can immerse themselves in the game no matter the fitness level.

3. Relieves Stress

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Anyone who wants to relax and unwind from their busy schedules can drop by at their favorite golf course. It’s not your typical sport that can get you tired quickly. Because golf requires concentration, it encourages you to calm your mind and emotions. It’s a physical activity that you can immerse yourself in throughout the day until you’re satisfied with your progress.

4. Enjoy The Outdoors

Being cooped up inside the home or the office is detrimental to your mental and physical health. It is an outdoor sport played in an open field where you can get some sunshine and smell the fresh air. When coupled with a game like golf, it’s refreshing to the body and spirit. Imagine the green carpet of manicured grass under the wide-open sky where you are free to golf.

5. Social Sport

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This is not a lonely sport. Part of the enjoyment lies mostly in the fact that you compete with family, friends, or colleagues. A healthy golf competition can form partnerships and strengthen ties among your circles. It is a sport that eases the mind and allows a light endorphin-releasing exercise for any age. It’s not just for influential executives anymore. It’s a bonding hobby that you can schedule for you and your circle of friends on the weekend.

6. Open Access

Golf was assumed to be for the wealthy class because you must afford expensive private memberships to be able to play. Most of the time, golf courses are exclusive and won’t allow regular folks to play. Nowadays, anyone can enjoy varieties of golf through indoor settings, simulations or games, mini-courses, and through private resorts where visitors can reserve a tee time. Today, 3- and 9-hole courses, as well as practice facilities, are available to anyone.

7. Character-Building

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Part of the sport is the challenge, and how you face the frustration you may feel when your plan doesn’t go your way. There is no perfect swing that can make the ball land on every hole you want, nor can it avoid landing on the sand. It’s much like life wherein no matter how much you focus, things could go in a different direction other than what you expect. It teaches you to accept your mistakes, learn from them, and face challenges head-on as calmly as possible.

8. Networking

If you’re in business and want to get to know the right people, golf is a great way to meet them. In fact, you can even approach golf the same way you can approach business. It’s a perfect time and setting to discuss business while in between turns. Besides, when everyone is in the right mood, people are more likely to listen and consider your proposals. It may or may not work out as you planned, but the important thing is that you were able to lay out what you can offer and how they can take advantage of it.

9. Dating

It is one activity where you can spend time with a person you want to know. The game can be an ice breaker if you feel like you need to start the conversation or run out of topics to talk about. It doesn’t have too many processes that will hinder you from speaking to each other. As both of you relax, you’re likely to experience a natural flow of enjoyment, and you may completely forget any awkwardness that you feel.

10. Mental Health

For those merely playing it as a hobby, golf is anything but stressful. As a competitive sport, it teaches one to display proper decorum once you set foot on the course. It is a sport that relaxes and gradually conditions the body in an outdoor setting. It’s a sport that encourages human connections on various levels. One can call golf a life therapy as it is a way to bridge gaps as much as it is for building self-awareness. The way you perceive the game, how you play it, and the possibilities it brings are right for your mental health and outlook in life.

11. Longevity

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It’s not surprising that people who play golf are happier and healthier, and can live longer lifespans. Once you decide to learn how to play golf and get yourself in a golf course, you’re likely to see seniors enjoying the game as well. It doesn’t even take an expert to see the positive effects of golfing in people’s minds and bodies. You can play it at whatever age, and you don’t have to be in the best physical condition because people enjoy golf while enjoying the process of mental and physical healing at the same time.


Golf came into fruition as a gentleman’s game wherein the goal is to plan your execution and concentrate, in turn, to execute your strategy. It is a competitive sport as much as it is a relaxing pastime for people of all ages. There is no rushing involved, so it is perfect for anyone. It’s a relaxing game that you can play with your family and friends, and meet people you can build business relationships with. It is indeed a game you can play for life because of the benefits you get.