How Long Does Refractive Lens Exchange Surgery Last?


Normally, as we all start to age, we are experiencing poor eyesight more and more which can become overwhelming at some point. In general, the eye’s natural crystalline lens starts to lose the ability to focus on objects that we are seeing clearly. There are different techniques and methods available today that can help an individual to improve their eyesight and get rid of eyeglasses or contact lenses. This is all thanks to technological advancements available today. One of the procedures that become increasingly popular in recent years is called refractive lens exchange procedure, or shortly RLE.

This procedure is designed specifically with the purpose to improve a person’s eyesight by conducting the replacement of the natural lens of the eye with an intraocular lens which is also known as IOL. From this type of vision correction procedure patients who are experiencing different types of vision difficulties and conditions can benefit.

Since the procedure is highly efficient and safe, more and more people are choosing to improve their poor vision in this way. Days, when people needed to wear glasses or contact lenses, are forever done. As statistics show this treatment is mostly the choice for people aged over 50 years, however people of all ages can benefit from this procedure.

Crucial benefits of RLE – refractive lens exchange surgery


As we mentioned there is a truly wide range of different benefits that a person can experience after conducting this type of eye vision improvement. This treatment is primarily clearing the vision of the person, which means that person can get rid of overwhelming eyeglasses or contact lenses and see perfectly clearly. After that, the eye focus of the person is going to be improved after completing the treatment and the person will be able to focus much better on objects that surround him or her. Further, this type of treatment is also beneficial in the terms of preventing cataracts. One more benefit worth mentioning of this eye procedure refers to reducing glare as well as halos. Finally, the person will be able to distinguish colors much better as well once the treatment is done.

Refractive lens exchange surgery features


Refractive Lens Exchange surgery is considered one of the safer, and gentler as well as customizable treatments that can restore the clarity as well as brightness of the eye vision. This type of surgery established a completely new standard in the terms of eye vision improvements and set the bar higher. Best of all is the fact that this procedure is so simple since the best technology in the world is used through the process.

One of the most important features of this surgery refers t the fact that it comes with high precision features. Additionally, the treatment is completely customized to every person that wants to conduct it. Thanks to precision and customization, the discomfort factor during the surgery is completely reduced. This means that you have reason to be afraid to take the step of conducting this type of treatment since you are not going to feel it. One more great feature that comes with the high-quality technology equipment used in it stands for fast recovery after the surgery is done.

We wanted to talk about the personalization feature as well since this is exactly what distinguishes this type of eye surgery from any other available in the world. Logically, one size can not fit all people. Therefore, when it comes to this procedure of replacing lenses people have the opportunity to choose between different options. refractive lens exchange requires an eye doctor exam that will help you determine the right option for you based on your anatomy, expectations as well as your lifestyle. You should not worry about the price of the treatment since the professional and experienced team will help you understand what your insurance can cover and how much you need to pay. In that way, you are going to get all the required information that will be completely personalized to your situation.

The last significant feature of refractive lens exchange surgery is the performance itself. Primarily, you are probably wondering whether or not this type of treatment is generally right for you. Through the eye exam that you are going to take, which will be completely comprehensive, professional and experienced eye doctors are going to look at the lens of your eye. In the case the cataract is impeding your vision, the cloudy lens must be removed or replaced. This is the only way to improve your vision and see clearly. However, you should know that an enormous number of surgeries of this kind have been performed.

How long does refractive lens exchange surgery last?


When it comes to the length of the refractive lens exchange surgery, you should know that this precise treatment lasts only 15 minutes. Additionally, most of the patients notice visual improvements within hours of surgery. The surgery is generally pain-free since during the surgery eye doctors are using anesthesia in the form of drops with the purpose of numbing the eye. Best of all, the treatment will not affect your life. You are probably wondering what the healing process will look like. Well, we have good news for you since the healing process will be fast and you will not feel any type of discomfort.

Normally, we want to highlight that there are many factors that can affect the healing process itself. For instance, we are talking about the patient’s age and his or her overall health condition, the environment of the person, and his or her lifestyle habits. However, the overall healing process will last less than one week. As we already mentioned, the person will experience improved vision within hours of eye surgery. Despite that, the patient will see objects more clearly than ever. Within the next day, the patient will be able to come back to and lead regular life including completing all normal activities that he or she has used to. This includes going to work, driving, reading, etc.