Go Solar: Residential and Commercial Solar Benefits in 2024

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Today, the world strives towards an environmentally friendly habitat. To achieve the latter, people need to change their lifestyles. They should observe and eliminate everything that alienates the world from becoming an environmentally friendly habitat. The primary aspect of the latter is literate energy consumption. What type of energy do we consume? Fossil fuel energy. What is the source of fossil fuels?

Non-renewable sources like coal, oil, natural gas. What are the environmental consequences of fossil fuel consumption? Pollution, global warming, climate change, and land degradation. Should we switch to another source of energy? Definitely! Affordable, plentiful, renewable: all about solar energy. Solar energy is a huge step towards the world to become an environmentally friendly habitat. Solar panel installation is a simple procedure to switch from fossil fuels to solar energy consumption. Residential and commercial consumption of solar energy has environmental and financial benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of Residential Solar Panel Installation?

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Installing solar panels at home relieves the financial burden that people face with energy bills. Solar panels reduce energy bills. The reduction of energy bills occurs as a result of solar energy conservation. During sunny summer days, solar panel batteries conserve energy. It allows you to consume energy during cloudy winter days. If you live in a location that has no to little exposure to sunlight, no worries!

Solar system absorbs and supplies indirect sunlight during cloudy days, while solar batteries assist in conserving excess sunlight energy for later use. No matter where you live and to what degree your place of residence is exposed to sunlight, solar panel installation is key to affordable energy consumption, according to LA Solar Group.

House Value Upgrade

Homeowners view a solar panel system as valuable additions to the house. A house with a solar panel costs more than a house without it. Lawrence Berkeley’s study demonstrates that photovoltaic systems add almost $15,000 of monetary value to houses. Isn’t it amazing? For sure! Imagine you want to sell your house at a higher price, but you can’t because of its location, size, or equipment depreciation.

Solar panel installation will instantaneously increase the value of your house, and you will be able to sell it at a higher price. The secret here is that people spend the majority of their income on covering energy bills. With solar panel systems, energy bills are lower, and the desire to pay for the house a higher price is stronger.

What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Solar Panel Installation?

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Solar Income

Solar panels provide abundant energy for on-site consumption. As with all solar panel systems, commercial solar panels conserve energy. Energy conservation leads businesses to sell surplus energy to the grid. How does it work? In large companies, the saving benefits of selling to the grid come when solar panels generate approximately 1 million kilowatts of power.

It requires a roof space of about 100,000 square feet. If these statistics scare you, don’t worry! Commercial solar panels are large enough to generate this much of energy. In small companies, renewable energy credits come to help. Solar renewable energy credit is 1 megawatt of solar energy. Utility companies that operate under Renewable Portfolio Standards buy a certain quota of surplus solar energy from small businesses. It turns out that with commercial solar panel installation, large and small companies benefit as solar panels become an extra income source for them.

Energy Security

Power outages in commercial buildings result in a loss of revenue and delay of work schedules for the business. How can power outages in commercial buildings be ignored? Solar panel installation is an affordable and long-lasting solution for power outages in commercial buildings. Solar photovoltaic systems optimize the energy consumption of commercial buildings. They conserve excess energy and supply it whenever needed, including during power outages. Besides, off-grid solar panels reduce commercial buildings’ dependence on the grid. Commercial buildings may not fear power outages, revenue losses, and work schedule delays with solar panels.

Do Residential And Commercial Solar Panel Installations Have Environmental Benefits? Yes!

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Balanced Greenhouse Effect

What is the greenhouse effect? A natural process called the greenhouse effect warms the surface of Earth. The imbalance of the greenhouse effect leads to environmental hazards, including global warming and climate change. Fossil fuels are major actors in the creation of the commercial greenhouses and their effects imbalance. Solar energy is a solution to the imbalance of greenhouse effects. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions that fossil fuels generate. Solar energy balances greenhouse effects. How can you have your stake in the maintenance of the greenhouse effect balance?

Installing commercial and residential solar panels is the key. Solar panel installations sustain businesses and houses with solar panels that supply solar energy. With plentiful solar energy, the dependency on fossil fuels decreases. Your commercial and residential solar panels take care of conserving energy and supplying it whenever you need it. With commercial and residential solar panel installations, you have the opportunity to be a major contributor to the balanced greenhouse effect and eliminate environmental hazards, including climate change and global warming.

After reading this article, a few key points to consider before consuming fossil fuel energy:

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  • You have the opportunity to purchase residential solar panels for your home. These photovoltaic modules allow you to live in a cost-efficient manner, save money on energy bills, have limitless energy throughout the whole year, upgrade your house value, and balance the greenhouse effect through environmentally friendly solar energy consumption.
  • For your commercial building, you have the opportunity to purchase commercial solar panels. They allow you to generate solar income, enhance energy security, ignore power outages, and align with sustainability standards by balancing the greenhouse effect through solar energy.
  • Solar energy solves the issue of an imbalanced greenhouse effect. As solar panels supply solar energy, the installation of commercial and residential solar panels is a solution to the greenhouse effect imbalance. The resolution of imbalanced greenhouse effects through solar panel installation benefits households and commercial buildings. However, it has a collective benefit for the world. With solar energy consumption, both in residential and commercial platforms, we collectively reduce the probability of global warming and climate change. These two are environmental hazards threatening the lifespan of Earth – our habitat. Let’s go solar, live better and longer.