Rory Angold Discusses Five Startups Every Snowboarder and Skier Needs to Discover

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Snow-sport enthusiasts love any product that enhances the performance and pleasure of the sports they enjoy. This market is attractive for entrepreneurs who are in tune with customer preferences for the latest technology and performance innovations. Business consultant and sports enthusiast Rory Angold discusses some of the new producers storming the market.


Virtual reality technology is spawning developments in the field of augmented reality. Rideon is at the forefront of the trend with its production of the first ski helmet with smart tech that combines real-world skiing with added capabilities that include a heads-up display of multiple data points. The helmet details altitude, speed, and route information and also serve as a communication hub with other friends on the slopes. The Rideon helmet supports audio, video, and text conversations. Head movements and verbal commands control the helmet’s capabilities without interfering in the skiing experience.


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The popularity of wearable technology has exploded in recent years, and Snowcookie is on the cutting edge of skiing wearables. Sensors work with an integrated app to supply data on speed, engagement, stamina, body position, turn quality, and even style. The system accumulates and analyzes data for goal-setting and checking ongoing progress. The immediate and detailed feedback from the Snowcookie system provides insights that give concrete direction to skiers who want to take their performance to the limit and beyond.

L2R Snowboards

Seattle startup L2R Snowboards is building its brand on quality and environmental sustainability. The company produces boards that are full of art and aesthetic design features that look great and will hold their value over time. The company is deeply connected to cancer research, as the company was conceived as a way to support and remember the founder’s friend. L2R is known for strong loyalty from its customers and provides outstanding support for its boards and involves the snowboarding community in design innovations and improvements.

Bloom Outerwear

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Bloom is a Colorado-based outerwear company that focuses on the ski and snowboard market. Bloom focuses on designs that are functional and appeal to snow sports enthusiasts. The company insists that all design decisions are made by skiers and snowboarders with comfort and wear on the slopes as the primary focus. The company’s lines are aimed at park use with the younger market in mind. The combination of style and usefulness is leading to significant growth for the brand. Visit and check some of the boards available.

Char Poles

Salt Lake City’s Char Poles attract tech-savvy and style-conscious skiers with highly customizable poles. Char’s design options include camera mounts, screwdrivers and tools, bottle openers, and interchangeable parts allowing for ongoing modifications. Users can combine length, color, and shapes for a different experience every time out. Char was the brainchild of a college student who thought that custom poles with great utility would have a strong niche in the market of young skiers who demand the latest in technology and fashion.

About Rory Angold

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