iPhone Mockup PSD: Convenient and Accessible

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If you are trying to get clients to see your mobile website and mobile application designs, the best way to present it to them is through the iPhone Mockup PSD. In a nutshell, it is just convenient to present since the gadget is small. And since Apple products seamlessly work well with each other, the mockup is very accessible.

Here are the best reasons why the iPhone Mockup PSD is the best way for a professional website and mobile app designer to show off the prototype of their work.

1. iPhone Mockup PSD provides the perfect setup

When you are trying to entice clients to your functional mobile app or mobile web page, you want to show them a model that will give the perfect representation of the actual thing. Of course, a mobile phone will do that. It is unfortunate how some clients get the disappointment of their career when they enjoyed a prototype so much only to be disappointed by the real thing. The iPhone Mockup PSD is as close to the real thing as possible.

2. You can save on cost

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There are dozens—even hundreds—of available free PSD mockups. You don’t need to spend a lot just to provide the best prototype of your web and mobile app design. There are also various websites offering free PSD with a variety of designs. You can never go wrong with so many alternatives. Of course, if there are specific mockups that you are really after, they don’t break the bank anyway. But you can always just use your creativity to maximize benefits off of free mockups.

A PSD file is also easy to edit. Unlike a mockup in HTML, changes or the actual work needs to be done by two people: one that is an expert on HTML and another that can do Photoshop. With mockup PSD, one expert is enough to do the job well.

3. Nothing does it better than iPhones

You can never go wrong with the awesome iPhone. iPhones are just way faster than their counterparts. The updates are really fast, too, which is quite irritating on your bank account. But if you are working on a big tech project, then it can only be at your benefit. The latest iPhone models have the A12 Bionic processor, which is the first seven-nanometer processor that is integrated into the phone. According to technological tests, it is 15 percent faster than its predecessor, the A11, which was already fast enough. Even better, reports have it that the next generation of iPhones will already be powered by A13. But probably the best thing about it is that it uses up 50 percent less power, which means that you can use your iPhone for much longer. Battery life has always been the iPhone’s biggest problem.

Another great advantage of the iPhone is that it works seamlessly with other Apple products: the iMac, MacBook, iPad, iWatch and many others. This means that whatever you are working on with the bigger gadgets, you can always continue working on your iPhone when you are out of the office or out of your house. This way, you don’t have to carry around your bulkier tech equipment. You can continue your work anywhere you are: while in the restaurant, the park or the coffee shop.

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There is also better hardware and software integration in the iPhone than any other mobile phones. The perfect example of this is the Face ID, which many tech companies have tried doing for years but only the iPhone successfully pulled it off.

Of course, the iPhone continues to be the mobile phone that is easiest to use. This is why iPhone users really ever give up their Apple connection even if the other tech companies create a much-newer technology. It also helps that much of the functions of the iPhone were pretty much the same over a decade ago.

4. Versatility: Everything looks good on an iPhone

iPhone provides a professional canvass for your apps to make it to the next level. The gadget provides versatility. If you want to provide a minimalist take on a mobile website or mobile app, flat designs will look great on any of the iPhone models: iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XS, among others.

The iPhone X clay mockup looks so clean in any angle that you will surely wow your clients with your proposed mobile website and mobile application. Ramotion provides various mockups including those in black and white, isometric and perspective, along with frontal and angled portrait mockups.

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If you want to go big, there are also high-quality photorealistic iPhone mockups that you can generate within seconds. This is an essential mockup when dealing with companies that want a more complicated and image-heavy design. As the name suggests, this mockup provides a close-to-reality imaging quality. When it comes to presentations, this is also quite versatile as you can go from as simple as white iPhone on black leather mockup set to the more complex iPhone on desk mockup. Whichever actual presentation mockup you prefer, the photorealistic setup will always look good.

The iPhone will also go well with the stationery mockup no matter what mobile phone model you prefer and no matter what color you choose. This is perfect when you want to hit more on the branding aspect of a business. This way, you can choose the business’s official notepad, notebook, brochure and other items that carry the brand’s logo in the setup. You want to emphasize that no matter how small the business is, and even if it is just a startup, branding plays an important role when the company aims for longevity in the entrepreneurial world.

5. Persuasive medium

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The iPhone Mockup PSD is definitely one persuasive medium when you want to present your proposed professional output to a prospective client. You can never go wrong with such a mode. But the best thing about it is that it is so easy to work with because of the available materials and because of the innovative tech advantages of Apple products.