Santa Is Watching – The Naughty List Warnings!


We’ve secretly gathered the top 10 things not to do if you want your favourite Christmas presents this year. Here are the naughty list warnings if you don’t want to be on Santa’s naughty list this year:

Not being kind to your siblings

Even while we are aware that it might be challenging, Santa would appreciate your efforts if you are kind to your siblings—even when they are unkind to you. So be careful to tell them you love them and to never treat them cruelly!

Not helping your mum and dad with the chores


Doing chores is definitely not your favourite activity, but don’t you suppose your parents also find them boring? If you agree to assist them, the task will be completed more quickly, and you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that Santa is aware of your generosity! Keep on reading because we gathered these top tips from elves and!

Not cleaning up the mess you make

Everybody screws up. There will probably be a mess, whether it comes from toys, eating, or just everyday activities like brushing your teeth. Therefore, it is crucial to clean up after oneself. Put your dishes in the sink or dishwasher, put your toothbrush away, check that there isn’t any toothpaste left in the sink, and put your toys away after you’re done playing with them. Your parents will appreciate it, and Santa is keeping tabs on everything!

Not eating all your dinner

It might be challenging to finish your entire supper at times. Your parents want you to consume all of your meals even if it may not be your favourite thing to do.

Making sure your plate is clean after a meal is beneficial for your body, your teeth, and the environment. You can tell your parents that it was excellent but that you are unable to eat any more if you are simply too full. That way, people can see you tried your best and you won’t go hungry afterward. When kids treat their parents well, Santa is thrilled!

Not doing your homework on time

Although school is out for the year, you will return to it soon enough, and it’s never too late to start planning for the next one. Even if homework might be dull and monotonous at times, you still need to complete it on time.
You’ll avoid having to complete additional homework in the future. Ask your parents whether you may take a break from a project if you are having a very difficult time doing it, but be sure to get back to it and finish it so Santa can track your progress!

Not saying thank you


Although your parents have taught you when and how to say “thank you,” do you actually use that instruction? Here are several situations where expressing “thank you” will be beneficial to both you and the person you are thanking!

  • when someone gives you their food or toys
  • whenever your sister lends you anything
  • your parents permit you to go outside and play
  • when a tutor assists with your schoolwork
  • as soon as you get presents on Christmas morning

Not making new pals

Have you ever noticed a student at your school playing or eating alone during recess or lunch? Most likely, the individual needs a friend. Here are some ideas to brighten their day: Ask if you may play with them or sit with them when you get up to them.

As you inquire about their interests, be sure to also share your own. Since Christmas is quickly approaching, you may ask them what they want for Christmas, and if you both desire the same thing, you’ll have something in common to play with or discuss! Someone sitting alone doesn’t necessarily indicate that they are strange or unique; they may simply be bashful. Therefore, make an effort to meet new friends, but don’t be pushy or they might not want to be! Your efforts will be admired by Santa!

Not sharing your toys and stationery

When other people offer their toys, food, or other items, you should already know how to say “thank you.”

But doesn’t it also mean that you should give them access to your belongings?

You should always respond “yes” when someone asks you to play with their toys and consider asking if you may play with them as well. Although we don’t want you to merely throw away your possessions, you may certainly share them with others and maybe they’ll let you borrow something in return! Additionally, just like in the previous paragraph, you may simply make new pals by sharing your toys.

Not making your bed

The simplest approach to demonstrate to your parents that you are making an effort to behave well is to make your bed in the morning. It gives your room a good appearance and will be comfortable for you to sleep in at night.
See if you can do it fast to make it more entertaining, then attempt to beat your score the following day!


Complaining all the time

It might be challenging at times to remain positive. You certainly don’t want to make your bed every morning, finish your chores, or do your schoolwork. However, we guarantee that if you carry out each of these actions, Santa will note them in his book and you will receive some delightful presents at the end of the year! Try not to grumble the next time you have to do something you don’t want to do and observe how your parents react.

Not brushing your teeth every day

Even though we have already said this, we wanted to make sure you were aware of it. Don’t whine about brushing your teeth twice a day!

It’s crucial to constantly be kind and helpful so that anytime Santa happens to look your way, he can notice you doing something kind. Santa is a busy man and can’t record every good thing you’ve done in a year. He wants to offer you wonderful presents rather than terrible ones or nothing at all because he loves every single child in the entire planet. So stay motivated and wait for your reward at Christmas!