10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas You Can Buy Online

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Whether it’s someone’s birthday, a holiday, wedding, a moving-in celebration, sometimes it happens to the best of us to forget about buying a present. It’s not the worst thing in the world and it’s easily fixed with just a couple of inspirations from the internet. Even if you’re out of time to go out and buy a gift, ordering something online is by far convenient and also saves you in tight situations like these. Internet and online shopping simplified life for the most part, so why not use it to our advantage. Just because you buy a present at the last minute, doesn’t mean no thought was put into it.

At this point, if you’re buying a day before the holiday or celebration, you still have enough time to choose and order a present, even if you like to procrastinate sometimes. We’re here to help you pick the perfect gift for that special someone, family member, friend, or even a happy couple. There really are a lot of ideas and categories to choose from, but we rounded up some of our favorites.

Kitchen supplies

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This is a nice and thoughtful gift for a moving-in celebration or just a great idea to surprise your friends that love to cook in their free time. It’s overall a necessity in a home, and everyone knows they don’t come at cheap prices. You can really order any kitchen tool, but pots and pans are always welcomed into new homes.

Travel tickets and experiences

Being able to afford free time is priceless. People are ready to give up their savings for just a couple of days worth of vacation. Buying someone tickets to travel somewhere might just be what they needed, and it can never be a bad present, especially if they love to travel around the world. This is a fairly simple present to get, as all you need to do is pre-order the tickets online, and they’ll be in your email inbox.

Besides tickets to travel to a certain destination, booking a hotel or an Airbnb that offers interesting activities throughout the day can also intrigue the person you’re setting everything up for. Some of those activities can be online courses, sightseeing, drawing and painting, musical games, and so on.

Technology and home utilities

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From TVs to automobile and home appliances, you can buy really anything at reasonable prices. This website might be of some help in this particular department. If the person in question is a very big fan of cars, there are endless choices and ideas for a present. For some people, their car is their second home, so they might like accessorizing that space to their liking.

Gift cards for shopping or coffee shops

This is honestly a very simple gift to get someone, yet commonly used. If the gift receiver’s a big coffee addict, a gift card for Starbucks might be something they really need. You can order the gift card at the coffee shop’s website and place an amount of cash you would like. As we mentioned, fairly easy and quick, and for some a necessity.

Netflix subscription

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Paying for someone’s current account or creating them a whole new one is a very generous present, as Netflix accounts, depending on the plan you choose, don’t all come at cheap prices for some. A lot of thought can be put behind a regular Netflix account, so your friends or family can enjoy watching their favorite movies and tv shows.

Espresso machine

Coffee lovers are always down for a good homemade coffee, so why not get them a coffee machine while you’re at it. Buying one of these can be considered a smart investment. Just by making coffee at home, you and the person who will receive this lovely present will be able to save up a lot of money. You can find product you like on the sites such as Coffeehow.

E-books and regular books

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Reading is a fun hobby, although people differ as to how they like to read their books. A big majority now reads online books, in which case you can get them a gift card so they can buy and read any book that they please. But, if you have someone in your life who likes the smell of fresh pages, book stores now offer at-home delivery, so you can order as many books as you want at their home address.

Clothes and shoes

Good fashion will never go out of style, so getting clothes from your friend’s favorite places to shop at, is always a good present and idea. While you would need to know their measurements, this should not be a concern if the person in question is close to you. A little bonus for this category, most shopping websites offer discount codes which will save you some money in the process.

Subscription boxes with categories to choose

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Depending on what the gift receiver likes, whether it’s makeup, technology, books, clothes, even food, a lot of companies now offer boxes filled with the desired components and they’re delivered to your home address.

Takeout food gift cards

Most of us these days are hooked on apps like UberEats, DoorDash, and many more apps. The reason why we’re all hooked on them is the actual simplicity behind them. Without moving a muscle, you’ll have your food at the door in no time. If you’re friends like to order takeout very frequently l, you just might save them some cash with a gift card. There’s a reason why they say, the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.

Gift cards are generally great last-minute presents that are always great to use and they always come in handy, but we made sure to mention any gift that can be used every day by anyone. Every idea on this list is great on its own, yet it still depends on you to choose the best one that will suit the one receiving it. The task might not be as easy, but we ensure you they’ll love anything you get them. After all, at the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts that was put into the present itself.