Top Ways to Style Embroidered Patches

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Did you know that once upon a time embroidered patches were used to cover holes and other damages in fabric? However, nowadays they are considered to be small pieces of art and people use them to improve the appearance of their clothes and make a statement. If you are interested in these ornaments, keep reading this text, because we are going to give you some tips on how to style them.

Let’s go back to where it all started – hippies. Back in the 1960s, a new culture appeared. People were protesting but they used peace signs, flower headbands, and of course patches. If you want to recreate this original look, then you need only a few small patches. Add them to your denim jacket or jeans. Just ensure to keep it simple and opt for flowers, rainbows, lollipops, and so on. Also you can find more information about the patches by visiting Digitizing Made Easy

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On the other hand, jackets with patches are usually associated with bikers or military personal. Needless to stay, you do not have to be part of any of these groups if you want to wear one of these. You can add a single patch on the sleeve or incorporate a larger one on the back. These ornaments will not only provide you with a totally new style, but they will also give you the opportunity to express your opinion on certain things. You can pair this jacket with a black shirt, skinny jeans, bulky boots and you are all set.

Since this type of decoration is so popular right now, you can add them to any piece of clothing you want. Don’t believe us? You can place numerous patches on one side of your favorite blazer, pair it with some neutral colors and be the center of attention wherever you appear. Similarly, you can put them on the long coat, match it with a varsity dress, accessorize with a baseball cap, and you have got a sporty chick look.

If you are a creative person and enjoy making your own clothes, matching different stuff and redecorating old clothes, and always want to be unique, then you should definitely go with the sneakers with patches. They are not suited for everyone, but if you think you can pull them off, go for it. You can use adhesive ones and put them on your own. However, if you cannot find the ones that you love or have a special idea in mind, you should contact a company that is specialized in creating customized patches like CustomEmbroideredPatches. Research different types of these decorations, find some tips online, draw the sketch, color it, add as many details as you like, send it to the chosen company, and that it is.

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Lastly, you can put these on accessorize such as a piece of jewelry (a necklace or bracelet) or on your phone case. You can match these patches with the ones on your jacket or organize them in a way to complement each other. Also, don’t forget about purses and backpacks. Use these accessories to further express your style.

To sum up, these are only a few ways you can improve your personal style by using patches. As you can see, your options are endless.