Moving To One Of Many States Where Recreational Marijuana Is Legal: Details That Could Shock You 


A large number of people are moving around the country due to receiving remote jobs. The culture shock of moving to a state with legal marijuana might take a bit of adjustment. In some states, laws still apply to public consumption so you cannot smoke freely in the street. Federal jobs will still require drug testing and with marijuana being federally illegal, jobs still test for the substance.

If you are a cannabis enthusiast, it is going to be like Christmas morning during your initial trip to a quality dispensary. Living the dream in a legal state can be a reality for so many people. More states legalize marijuana annually so in time a majority of states will have legalized recreational marijuana. Below will help highlight details that could shock you about legal recreational marijuana.

Several states that have legalised marijuana first decriminalised minor amounts of possession of marijuana. In general, cannabis “legalisation” refers to the passage of legislation that legalise the purchase, sale, and possession of marijuana, generally with limits on the consumer’s age and the amount purchased.

An overwhelming majority of U.S. people (88%) believe marijuana should be legal for both medicinal and recreational use by adults (59%) or just for medical purposes (30%). According to a Pew Research Center study conducted Oct. 10-16, 2022, only one-tenth (10%) believe marijuana usage should be illegal. Since April 2021, these opinions have remained practically constant.

The Tax Revenue Created Is Massive


The revenue that is created by the legal marijuana market is massive. Certain states bring in billions over the course of the years. Colorado has quite a few taxes on marijuana with a bulk of these going to the education system. The prices can be extremely high depending on the city and state you are in. Local taxes come into play so shopping around is wise for consumers. The truth is a number of state politicians receive donations from pharmaceutical companies. The donation usually does not go to the pro-marijuana candidate as cannabis has a number of medical applications.

Your Neighbor Could Be Growing For Medical Reasons

Medical marijuana patients in some states can grow their own cannabis. California is a great example but with multiple patients in one home, you could have a decent-sized crop next door. Certain months like October are primetime for the flowering season for a number of strains. You will smell a familiar aroma that might be offensive to non-cannabis consumers. Home cultivation can be an art but also a security risk if not concealed appropriately.

Recent research on cancer cells suggests that cannabis may either delay or kill some forms of cancer. Nevertheless, early human trials that investigated this idea indicated that, while cannabinoids are a safe medication, they are ineffective at managing or treating cancer.

You Can Have Marijuana Products Delivered


The age of convenience is upon us with the ability to get quality marijuana products delivered to your door. With this service along with meal delivery services, you can have a relaxing night at home without leaving. The last thing that most people want to do is travel around the city on a Friday during peak rush hour times. The brands that are partnered with these marijuana delivery services should be top-of-the-line. Kolas, a marijuana dispensary in Northern California notes,” Partnering and offering the top brands can ensure potency. Lab-tested products should be the only ones sold to ensure there are no pesticides or mold. Lower-quality brands/dispensaries might try to pass products off due to trying to meet revenue goals.

Watch Out For Dabs And Other Concentrates


Marijuana concentrates are for those that have massive tolerances for THC. Beginners should avoid taking a dab as it is likely going to overwhelm them. A dab is almost 100 percent THC as the potency of shatter can make a single dab as potent as an entire joint. Electric nails can allow for much more reasonable hits to be taken than a traditional dab rig. Even vape cartridges can quickly sneak up on you as it is a pure form of cannabis oil if purchased from a dispensary.

Edibles should also be consumed with caution as you don’t want to be stuck in an uncomfortable high for hours. Too many newer consumers tend to take too many edibles as the high does not hit them. The high from edibles is different than smoking which you need to keep in mind. Starting with a low dose is always recommended so you can assess your THC tolerance.

Teenage use has actually seen a drop in some states where marijuana was legalized. Other states saw no impact on teenage use which might surprise some. Impaired driving due to marijuana use is still a concern among citizens of all ages. Reliable tests are being developed that can test for THC which might change the minds of drivers after cannabis use.

Less is more when trying marijuana in legal states as it can be so potent. Don’t waste money by not enjoying a high due to it being too intense. Dispensary employees can be a great resource for newer cannabis consumers. You won’t want to start with a potent strain like Girl Scout Cookies but rather a moderate strain like Cannatonic. CBD levels can help reduce feelings of anxiety if you are a bit too high or your mind starts to race.

Marijuana legalisation is the practice of permitting and controlling cannabis production, distribution, sale, and possession such that marijuana usage within the established laws is no longer a felony. Legalization approaches include enabling people to cultivate their own marijuana, nonprofit co-ops, and for-profit commercialization with retail sales.