A Student’s Guide to Living a Happy & Healthy Life – 2024 Tips

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College life is the most exciting and eventful time for young people. Yet it is quite a demanding and overwhelming period in many ways. Academic, social, and sometimes work lives are dumped on students and require attention and effort. Many are trying hard to embrace it all, but such attempts are often met with failure and result in continuous stress and fatigue.

The great thing is that there are ways to turn this tough time into the most beneficial and happy one. To make the best of your college life, you need to bear in mind some essential ideas like prioritizing, proper nutrition, regular physical activities, and good sleep.

Leading a healthier and more conscious life has never hurt anyone, but students crave for it in particular. Read this guide to help you achieve balance and harmony, so that your years in college are more enjoyable and productive.

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Leave Time for Yourself

In pursuit of assignment deadlines, numerous lectures, and projects, students usually lack the time for more pleasant things. In such a case, one neglects their personal needs and ultimately starts feeling unsatisfied. To avoid such pitfalls, delegate some of your responsibilities to paperwritingservice.com, and feel a sense of relief.

Having a quality rest is essential while being in college. Research has shown that proper breaks have the ability to improve productivity and positively affect mental health. Here are some alternative ways to recharge after studies and feel better:

  • Take up a hobby;
  • Exercise;
  • Meet up with friends;
  • Spent time in solitude.

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life” – Wayne Dyer.

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Finding a hobby that brings you joy is the best way to feel happier and recharge from academic life. The thing is to choose something that you’re keen on – it may be singing, drawing, board games, playing a musical instrument, or any other activity.

If you’re feeling insecure about taking up something new, remember that a hobby isn’t what you have to be particularly good at, it is aimed to bring positive emotions and make you happier.

Sports is another fantastic alternative to a quality pastime. It meets multiple needs at the same time. It improves health, boosts one’s mood, helps make friends, reduces stress, and combats sleep problems. If you’re not into lifting weights, try out some more fun activities like team games, dance classes, or cycling.

Make a hobby or sport a part of your regular routine, they will be your source of fresh energy and positive vibes.

Two other ways are contradicting each other, yet they are equally important for your mental health. Conversations with a good friend reduce stress and help one feel supported, and unwind. Talking to someone should be a priority, especially when things get a bit tough. On the other hand, solitude is also crucial in developing a healthy sense of consciousness.

You’re having a busy social life while in college and interactions with people can sometimes get to the limit. It is important to take control of it and find the time for yourself, take a break, be with your own thoughts in silence, or with your favorite music. Such moments leave the time to reflect on relevant issues and listen to oneself.

Take Care of Your Body

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A young organism is full of energy and health. However, this thought often makes students overlook their bodies, which commonly results in weight problems, sleep deprivation, and health issues. The research has shown that about a quarter of students put on weight during their college life. There are several reasons that contribute to it:

  • Eating on the go;
  • Too many snacks and junk food;
  • Eating out instead of cooking;
  • Sweetened beverages;
  • Irregular meals.

As a matter of fact, college life is full of concerns and it is hard to keep control of one’s nutrition. Ultimately, people tend to eat while doing other more important tasks, where the meal is not a priority. To avoid weight and digestion issues, there are some useful habits that you may incorporate on a daily basis.

When you don’t have enough time to have a proper meal, opt for a healthy snack. It could be a fruit or vegetable. Not only will they help you stop feeling hungry for a while, but also provide a number of vitamins that your body will be grateful for.

Don’t abuse fizzy drinks. Sweet beverages contain lots of calories, added sugars, and don’t quench thirst. By substituting them for water or tea you will cut calories and save your digestive system from disorders. Water is also helpful when you feel hungry. Your body sends the brain similar signals when it feels hunger and thirst. So, next time you feel like eating, do not rush, and have a drink first.

Irregular meals are a common problem for many young people, which ultimately leads to nutrition disorders. Healthy breakfast and hot lunch are often neglected. While heavy dinner and night time snacks become a habit. Such a shift destructively influences one’s body, which is not ready for that.

To change the situation for the better, breakfast shouldn’t be skipped. The morning is the time when your body wakes up after a long night, and it requires healthy food. Don’t overlook this fact and take care of it before your organism starts ringing warning bells.

Proper Sleep

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Quality sleep is a guarantee of a happier and healthier life. It improves memory, enhances creative thinking, reduces stress, and builds the immune system. However, students often suffer from its lack, insomnia, and other issues. To tackle this problem, you need to know several essential principles.

When it comes to sleep, many claim that an average person needs up to 7-8 hours. But the truth is that every person requires a different amount of time in bed for his or her wellbeing. Secondly, the number of hours is not that important as the time when one falls asleep. The ideal time to go to sleep is from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m., this is the best time for your body to recharge.

Summing up

Perhaps, healthy nutrition, sport, and sleep seem unimportant in comparison to one’s urgent assignments. But in the long term, these issues are vital and if you want to be happy and healthy now, then you should take care of them from today. Use this guide to your better life and good luck!