Swimming Pool Decoration Ideas 2024

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Decorating or remodeling your swimming pool might seem like a scary and expensive idea at first, but once you realize how enjoyable swimming or how relaxing it would be in your backyard with these new decorations, you will soon decide that you should definitely do it.

Creating a summer paradise that is cool under the scorching hot sun, with a peaceful atmosphere, beautifully decorated pool and backyard is something that every single person dreams about.

But, why is decoration so important. Well, a large part of the people who build their own swimming pool in their backyards, usually focus on spending the budget on the building process and forget about other elements such as plants, trees, shade, jet streams and other decorations that might add to the magic.

So, if you want to do something to liven up your backyard here are some decoration ideas that can fit in both a small and a large budget.

Landscaping is Vital

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When people ask me what’s the best way to enrich the backyard and the space around the pool, the first word that comes out of my mouth is always just plants or trees. If you properly landscape your area, you will quickly realize just how much greens can add to the aesthetics.

However, planting anything you want will not do the job. You should make the right choices whether that is going to be baby trees, full-grown trees, potted plants, bushes, flowers or whatever you else you have in your mind. You have to pick colors that will be in good combination with the style of your home and your backyard.

I recommend that you avoid plants that can be fragile and require a lot of maintenance. Splashes from chlorine water can be toxic to those plants and they will probably die quickly.

I should also mention that you should avoid placing them too close to your pool since the wind can easily push in debris inside of it. You do not want to spend multiple hours cleaning every single day you want to get in it, right?

My personal favorite idea is decorating with a banana tree because it can give you that beach vibe to your land.


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First of all, every house with a pool should have enough lighting inside of it and outside of it for safety reasons. You do not want people to slip and fall in it at night. But, what’s so good about lighting is that can entirely change the atmosphere of your backyard.

Why should you stop having fun just because the sun has set down? Just turn on the lights and keep the party going. And if you are the type of person who hosts nighttime parties then you should definitely equip your swimming pool with proper LED lighting.

To get the best look we recommend you get LED lighting that has the ability to change the colors with the press of a button. You can then change the color of the water just by turning on the LED lights.

You can put on a blue color to make the water look ocean blue or a dark red color to make the atmosphere a bit more romantic. There are hundreds of different other options, but I will leave that for you to explore.

If you plan on installing these LEDs all by yourself, click on this website to read a few bits of advice and tips about what you should and shouldn’t do.


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Everyone loves the hot sunny days throughout the summer, but sitting too long under the rays of the sun can be dangerous for both young and adult people. It is essential that you have at least a few spots with proper shade to protect you from the dangerous UV rays that are strongest during the summer.

If you do not have any natural shading from trees, bushes or from your house then I recommend you install a few umbrellas on your porch and maybe even add a small fountain to keep the air around this area cooler. You could also install a small fridge to keep beer, water bottles cool and to have ice nearby if anyone stays too long under the sun and needs to cool down.

This cool space is essential if you plan to host longer parties with your friends and your family. Here you will be able to dry after swimming, drink a few beers while chatting with your friends, cooking on the grill and even eating dinner. No one likes eating a hot steak under the sun.

Railing or Enclosures

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Railing or enclosures are both added for security and decorative reasons. If you have young children running around your home then you will definitely want to have some kind of enclosure to keep them from accidentally falling inside the pool.

However, just because you are putting up a railing around it, it does not mean that it will ruin the look of your backyard. If you find the right design you can even make it look better than it already is.

I recommend that you consider adding a see-through glass enclosure because it doesn’t block the view and makes the space more open. If you don’t feel like glass is the best option then your next best option is wood. Try to combine the type of wood with the other aesthetics of your home and your backyard.

Other Decoration Elements

If you have all of this and feel like you need just a bit to finalize the look of your land, there are a few other elements you could consider.

A shower is always a great idea because almost everyone will want to clean off from the chlorine water. Getting a cold and clean shower after swimming all day is definitely a decoration that every guest will appreciate.

You could also consider adding a waterfall near or on top of the fountain if you are looking for that natural look. Just listening to the splashing sounds will make you think you are next to a real and natural waterfall.