The Largest Airports in the USA

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By IATA yearly statistics, the USA is constantly present in the top countries traveling by air. This entails the leadership of this country in the number and size of the airports, as well as in the high-level technical development.

The USA has at least three times more airports than any other country. Out of 13,000, ten are classified as L (Large hub) size. Each one of them works out more than 1% of the passenger flow to and from the US. These are both large cities like ORD aerodrome and the strategically located small cities (e.g., Fort Lauderdale airport). Here is a brief introduction to the busiest and the most developed in the USA.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

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With the almost 9 mln passengers flying monthly, 196 gates, and the own city rail station, this aerodrome took 7th place in the USA rating of international hubs and had been awarded the “most effective airport” award by ARTS society in 2018.

Los Angeles International Airport

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Nearly 7 mln passengers monthly, 700,000 departures and arrivals yearly secure the Los Angeles Hub’s second place in the American rating and the 4th on the international list. The nine terminals of the aerodrome form a horseshoe, with the constant shuttle bus connection, outside and underground passages.

Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Once a military foothold and the aircraft plant, this one had been the busiest in the USA until the year 2005. With monthly passenger volume approaching 8 mln, today Chicago O’Hare International Airport concentrates the largest number of the offices by the major world airlines.

Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport

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Uniting the cities of Dallas and Fort-Worth, this world’s 9th largest aerodrome takes almost 7 hectares of land and is used primarily as an internal USA hub. However, out of 7 mln of passengers visiting monthly, many choose this one for departure to one of the 190 countries in the world.

Denver International Airport

Oriented mostly on domestic flights, this aerodrome accepts about 6.5 mln passengers per month, coming and leaving through 84 gates. The biggest airstrip is also the longest in the county and makes almost 16,000 ft. There is also a large modern art museum complex.

John F. Kennedy International Airport

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Constantly growing passenger volume of this makes more than 5 mln monthly visitors now, arriving and departing through 125 gates located within 6 terminals. Situated inside New York City, this aerodrome features the large parking slot and the most convenient ground connections.

San Francisco International Airport

7th on the country busiest list, this aerodrome welcomes 4,5 mln passengers every month. It serves both domestic and international flights and features the top class passenger service.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport

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Many of 4 mln passengers using the aerodrome monthly, arrive or depart to the Caribbean. Still, the planes take off in 135 domestic routes through the gates. The airport constantly grows, developing the territory and passenger traffic.

McCarran International Airport

The air gate to Las Vegas has almost 3 mln passengers coming and departing monthly. The airport develops persistently, in both technical factor and entertainment. There is a museum, hotel, and even a casino inside.

Miami International Airport

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80 airlines taking off and landing at the aerodrome, bring more than 2 mln passengers each month. It is the large South transit hub, with 131 gates and the large cargo complex, having one of the most developed ground connection systems, combining the underground, shuttle bus, and tri-rail transportation. If you are in need of cheap business and first-class tickets you can check out and get a deal.