6 Places Where Green Card Holders Can Travel Without a Visa in 2024

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US green card holders enjoy certain luxuries, especially when it comes to overseas traveling. There are plenty of countries that don’t require US citizens to obtain a Visa. In total, the list includes more than 160 countries.

This has caused the same countries to give the same privileges to green card holders. While the number of countries doesn’t mimic the exact number that allows for US citizens to travel, certain countries do allow travel without needing a Visa.

So, let’s get to know the 6 places where you can travel Visa-free if you’re a green cardholder.

Can You Travel Anywhere?

It’s safe to say that you can travel without needing a Visa to any number of countries that allow it. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of countries that do extent this privilege to green cardholders.

All you have to do is either make it to this end of this article or check an individual country’s Visa policy. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Countries That Allow Access With No Visa

Below you’ll find information on some of the countries that don’t require Visa for traveling when it comes to green card holders.

1. Canada

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Our northern neighbor doesn’t require Visa for US citizens to travel. With that said, they don’t require green cardholders to have one as well.

The only thing you’ll need is an eTA, which costs a measly 7 bucks. This paper is very easy to obtain and a must if you want to cross the border.

With this paper in hand, you can legally hop over the northern border at the nearest entry point or simply board a plane. Once you’re into Canada, simply show this piece of paper to the immigration officers and you’re all good to go.

2. Mexico

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The southern neighbor is also nice enough to allow Visa-less entry to both US citizens and green cardholders. And, same as Canada, you have to obtain a special document if you wish to enter Mexico.

This document is the Mexico Tourist Card, but luckily for you, there are plenty of ways to obtain it. If you’re flying to Mexico, then the personnel inside the plane will be nice enough to hand you one as you’re about to enter. Many airline companies include this document in the price of the ticket, but you can also buy it separately for $25.

If you’re looking to obtain it before traveling to Mexico, then you can do it online on the official website. Simply write Mexico Tourist Card into Google and you cannot miss.
You will need to print the card before traveling to Mexico. Other ways to obtain this document is at the Mexican embassy, the immigration desk once you enter the country, at any Mexican port, or any entry point into the country. It’s safe to say that there are plenty of ways to obtain this document.

If you’re looking to apply for a green card visa, then you will need help from professionals and access to information that will make it easier to do so. For more information about both, make sure to visit i-immigrate.org.

3. The Balkans

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This is somewhat of an understatement as not every Balkan country allows US citizens and green card holders to enter without a Visa. And even so, most limit your stay. For some, this number is quite high, such as 180 days, while for others, it is quite low such as 15 days.

Let’s name them.

• Albania

US citizens and green card holders enjoy the most privileges when traveling to Albania. That’s because you can stay up to 90 days in the country.

• Montenegro

Montenegro, unlike Albania, doesn’t allow for such a lengthy stay, but you don’t need a Visa to enter. In Montenegro, a US citizen and green card holder can stay up to 30 days without needing a Visa.

• Macedonia

Macedonia is the country that has the shortest stay limitation for US citizens and green cardholders. But, you still don’t need a visa to travel. You can stay in Macedonia without a Visa for a total of 15 days.

Now, you might think to yourself why the heck an American would travel to the Balkans, but it’s actually a pretty great place. There are tons of things to see here and tons of wonderful places to visit. All three countries are excellent for nature lovers and full of friendly people. And, all three are very, and we mean very, affordable for Americans.

4. Singapore

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Singapore is quite a different type of cookie because it isn’t unlike any country on this list. Their Visa laws and policies are quite strict, and chances are you won’t be able to travel there.

You can, however, if you have an Indian or Chinese passport. With that said, green card holders from China and India can stay for up to 4 days in total without needing a Visa.
So, chances are you won’t be traveling to Singapore if you’re not Chinese or Indian.

5. Costa Rica

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If Costa Rica is on your bucket list, then chances are you have it there to see the wonderful and tropical beaches that the country offers. And lucking for you, Americans don’t have to worry about anything since you can enter without needing a Visa.

As green card holders, you enjoy certain luxuries that allow you to stay up to 30 days.
And even if 30 days isn’t enough to sample the beauty of Costa Rica, you can always ask for an extension of your stay at the official government body.

6. The British Virgin Islands

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The British Virgin Islands is a magical and tropical destination that any American would want to go there. And, since you don’t need a visa to stay, you can stay up to 30 days! This will be 30 days of tropical paradise in the Caribbean Sea.

However, you will need to show proof of your accommodations and proof that you’ve booked a flight back to be let in the country.