The Most Effective Ways to Transfer iPhone Videos to Windows PC

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There are several reasons for an iPhone user to upload videos to their personal computers. In the case of video sharing, video editing and uploading, backup, deleting storage, etc., users are inevitable for the upload option.

Like a PC or Mac, it gives you the ability to do all these things without any hassle! So, before you ask how to transfer videos from iPhone to PC, here are detailed methods that can help you easily and efficiently upload videos to your computer. Go through the article and follow the steps carefully.

Part 1: How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to PC Windows 10/8/7

Our first choice in this article is IOTransfer 4. This is at the top of our list because it’s simply the best option if you want to know how to transfer photos and videos from your iPhone to your PC. It supports all versions of Windows. With this software, you can choose to manage your files and you can easily select one or more videos at a time to upload.

There is also an option for bulk upload. Another great benefit of using this software is that there is no iCloud storage limit with it, and it can also upload videos from any application such as WhatsApp, Kik, iMessage, etc. You can also preview videos before uploading. No other method offers these advantages.

Here’s how to use it:

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  1. Download the Windows version of IOTransfer software to your computer. Install and launch it.
  2. Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to a Windows PC.
  3. Find and press “Manage” from the main interface and simply tap “Videos” from the options available.
  4. Select the videos you want to transfer and simply click the “Export” button.

In this way, it is very easy and fast. Even if you select multiple videos, IOTransfer will help you transfer them from your iOS device to your computer quickly. And it’s the only way to transfer videos from your iPhone to your PC without iTunes.

Part 2: How to Move Videos from iPhone to PC on Windows 10

The main struggle of Apple users facing WindowsOS is that there is no application or software to support the transfer process. It is iCloud for Windows to sync your iPhone and PC, but it will require Wi-Fi, an iCloud account, storage restrictions, and whatnot!

If you don’t want to use Cloud services, don’t worry, newer versions of Windows, such as 10 or 8, are fully covered. Windows 10 comes with a built-in photo app that is similar to the Mac Photos app and helps transfer photos and videos.

But keep in mind that you need to install iTunes for Windows on your computer; otherwise, your iPhone cannot be recognized by it.

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  1. Get a USB cable and use it to connect both devices.
  2. Once connected, the Photos application will start automatically.
  3. Click the Photos app and a new window will open showing all your pictures and videos stored on your iPhone.
  4. You must now click the Import button to begin selecting the videos you want to upload.
  5. Once selected, click the Continue button below. All your videos will be imported to your computer.

So, this is how to transfer video from iPhone to PC Windows 10. The addition of Photo for Windows 10 made it easy for any iPhone user to share photos and videos with their home computer; otherwise, you had to install several applications and go through several typical processes.

Part 3: How to Import Videos from iPhone to PC on Windows 8

In addition to Photos, you can also use Windows File Explorer as an alternative to transferring videos to a computer. Using File Explorer is not a difficult task, and it is also a built-in feature provided by Microsoft for all versions of OS. The use of File Explorer in Windows 8 is mentioned below.

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  1. Get a USB cable and connect your iPhone X / 8/7 / 7Plus / 6 / 6S / 5 / 5S / SE to your computer.
  2. Give it a few moments, and then unlock your iPhone.
  3. A pop-up window will appear asking for your permission to trust the computer. You have to touch it.
  4. Now open Windows File Explorer on your computer by pressing Windows and E on the keyboard.
  5. Visit “This Computer”, iPhone will now be marked as a portable device.
  6. Click and go to “Internal Space” and search for “DCIM”.
  7. Within “DCIM” you will find all the videos and data. Select the videos you need and upload them.

File Explorer is a good data transfer option and you can easily use it. But if you want to go the other way, you can also use the Photos app. It also has a built-in option, but only available in modern versions of Windows.

Part 4: How to Copy Videos from iPhone to PC on Windows 7

As mentioned earlier, older versions of Windows like 7 or XP do not have the Photos app. So the only way to transfer without using iCloud is to use AutoPlay or File Explorer. AutoPlay is a built-in feature and a sustainable way to transfer data from your iPhone to your PC. The elaboration of the process is mentioned below.

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  1. You need to install iTunes for Windows on your computer.
  2. Then get a USB cable and connect the two devices.
  3. After your computer recognizes the iPhone, the AutoPlay dialog box will start.
  4. Several options will appear in the AutoPlay panel, click on “Import Pictures and Videos”.
  5. A new window will now open allowing you to set the destination for the video upload.
  6. Now you just have to select the pictures and click OK to import the video.


So here are the most effective methods detailing all the things you need to upload videos from iPhone to PC. So, if you are using a standalone Windows PC, this one-stop-shop can do the job! All of these methods are effective and easy to upload videos, but if you want an easier option, go for IOTransfer. You will not need iTunes support and it will work on its own, allowing you to download faster speeds and lots of other useful features!