10 Things Only Destiny 2 Gamers Will Understand – 2024 Guide

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Destiny 2 fixed a lot of problems Destiny 1 had and gamers were generally big fans of it. But, as every pro or at least semi-pro gamer, we are going to dig a little deeper as to what Destiny 2 brought to the table this time around since the people have been playing the game for a while. What are hardcore gamers complain about the most, or just have a constructive criticism? These are the top 10 things Destiny 2 players talk about.

Pick up your crest

This one has nothing to with a “Bungie”, but rather with the players themselves that are super-annoying. When you’re playing crucible and supremacy, and no one even bothers to pick up a crest after they kill someone, or if you die next to them and they don’t pick up your crest, it’s definitely a single most irritating thing in Destiny 2’s PvP mode.

For those of you wondering about supremacy, it a standard team deathmatch but when you get a kill, your opponent drops a crest and you won’t get credit for that kill unless you pick up his crest. Also, pick up your dead teammates’ crest to prevent the other team to get it. Many players ignore this, which makes playing the game obsolete.

Scout reports

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Destiny 2 developed consumable Scout reports that can be purchased and highlight where glimmer and chest tokens are. The reports are active for four hours, and during that time you need to hunt down and farm chests. But, usually under half an hour, the chest stops spitting out tokens and glimmer, and you can open it just to admire the animation.

Gamers get frustrated because, on one side, they are encouraged to farm the chests, but on the other, implementing the mechanism that goes against it and prevents the collection of tokens. Some say it’s just “Bungie” trying to enhance the grind.

The story itself

Destiny 1 had a murky story due to cuts and last-minute changes that brought some stuff like Oryx and nanites. The bones of the story for Destiny 2 remained the same, but there wasn’t any progression of the story. It seems like everything was put on hold after the invasion of the red legion and the fall of the last city. Some gamers even said that it feels like a middle-story to keep you busy while waiting for something major to happen. On the other hand, the majority of gamers are saying that they are playing the game just for the shooting.

The Shade

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From day one, players have been complaining about that color choice being yours and your only, and forever, is no longer a thing. This opened up the door for microtransactions within the game, with people spending money to get the color they need or want. Shades are also dropped all the time, so there is plenty to choose from.

Not a big issue, unless you want to get into itsy-bitsy. Besides, no game that ever came out was a complete work, there are always add-ons, or to buy, exchange or drop stuff you don’t need, and people are doing it online all the time on websites such as LegionFarm.

The Raid

The jury is still out on this one. Many people absolutely hate raids claiming that they are too difficult, and on the other hand many people claim they hate it because it’s too easy. The latter prevails a little. The truth is, once you figure it out and have good team communication, it can be done easily, over and over again.

Unlimited RNG role

Destiny 2 got rid of all perk diversity, and now all options for the gun are unlocked from the get-go. It killed a lot of the thrill of chasing the best weapon you can find. Now, everyone has the same guns available. Some gamers claim that it’s better this way because players can now focus on the skill, and skill only, which makes it a fair play. The same goes for the gear, they are all the same, players just pick a style they like.

The grind

One more thing receiving criticism from players is the grind, complaining that Destiny 2 became a very casual game. The reward comes down to walking through public events and being rewarded the same even you didn’t play well, is a bit of a disappointment. People just want hardcore, deathtraps, shooter game, with a lot more grind.

The timers

Gamers are complaining about falling victims to the timers at the nightfall. And once you get to the boss there is no way you can add time. Folks are not completely against the timer, but it’s been suggested to maybe take a different approach to it, like a chance to add more time or restart it all together.


There are changes to strike and crucible where you can no longer pick what you want to do. Strikes are randomly picked, so you can just play one specific strike. With crucible, you can no longer choose what game mode you want to play, which is not fun because you can get stuck in the mode that you don’t like to play.

Takes a lot of fun out of it for many people. When you pay $60 for a game you should be able to play whatever you want, right? On the bright side, it seems like developers are listening, promising that they will bring more diversity and freedom for players.

No new enemies

The vast majority of gamers find the fact that there are no new enemy types, a major flaw in the game. Truth be told, there are some new variations in the old ones, but most folks expected to see some new challenges. Just shooting at the old targets doesn’t seem fun, when you are hoping to see a whole new sequel with a bunch of fresh aliens to shoot at.

Destiny has always been an evolving game, so hopefully, “Bungie” is paying attention.