Skip Bayless Blaming Belichick For Tom Brady’s Departure

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New England Patriots legend Tom Brady will become a free agent for the first time in his career. Brady has spent 20 seasons with Patriots and has won 6 Super Bowls. It will be very strange to see him in any jersey other than the Patriots.

It was revealed that Brady wanted a two-year deal, but Patriots didn’t want it due to him being 42 years old. The report from Jeff Howe said: “Brady wanted guaranteed money for the 2024 season to assure his own job and the Patriots didn’t want to go that far”.

Image source: Pittsburgh post-gazette

Both Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick have issued statements regarding Brady’s departure and are wishing him the best as he chooses a new team.

Skip Bayless threw in his two cents on the situation, slamming Belichick. Even though many believe that the head coach is the mastermind of the Patriots game, Bayless thinks it’s all Brady. He also predicted that Brady will do better next season than Belichick.