Top 5 Destinations for Solo Travelers 2024

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There is no better way to discover more about yourself than a solo trip. A solo journey can offer lots of benefits, but above all, it can help you find out or provide you some stance on who you are.

Although it can be scary and new at first, traveling alone can be very enjoyable, particularly when you are prepared and have done your research about things. And to start, look for the ideal destination for you. City, mountain, beach? The world could be yours.

For a little help, here are the top destinations for solo travelers. Take a read!

1. New Zealand

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This country is one of those unusually good or remarkable places that attracts and entices solo travelers for years. What’s more, not only does New Zealand beckons or motivates solo trips, it leaves a great sense of wonder to its visitors.

If you want to do something out of the ordinary and test your limits, then Queenstown is the place to go. Queenstown was probably made for less broke, broke, old, young, solo travelers. It is the perfect place for travelers of every variety.

Here, you’ll have no problem meeting people and making friends. From wine tours to pub crawls, Queenstown is undoubtedly the best place to mingle as a solo traveler seeking for a company.

Moreover, with tons of activities to do, Rotorua has turned out to be a popular hub for travelers, which most of them are traveling alone. With regard to tourism, Rotorua is the Queenstown of the North Island. Additionally, it’s reckoned as Roto-Vegas, which means a friendly place for people and travelers exploring by themselves.

From the geothermal parks to the night markets in Rotorua, be respectful, friendly, and open, and you will surely make some friends. Make your solo travel more convenient by booking your room beforehand. You can do that through many booking websites like Planet of Hotels.

2. Malaysia

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The country is undoubtedly a must-visit for travelers of every variety. Aside from the best-known sights in Kuala Lumpur like KL Tower and Petronas Twin Towers, locals suggest exploring other places to experience and discover the great nature and culture of Malaysia.

For solo travelers of any age, Malaysia is surely a great destination. Here, you have got a great culinary scene, buzzing cities, canopy walks, beautiful rainforests, and more. And because most locals in Malaysia speak English, it is pretty simple to connect and get to know the locals compared to other countries.

When visiting Malaysia, be prepared for the changing weather. Take note that the country’s tropical weather is humid and hot. Although it may be very hot during noon, the late afternoon could see some heavy rains.

Another thing, don’t forget to savor local delicacies at the local restaurants. Moreover, if you want to be closer to nature, you can hike along the nature trails and capture the picturesque views along the way. Even better, you can swim by the waterfalls to cool yourself.

3. Slovenia

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Rifle through one of the most beautiful and greenest countries in Europe, Slovenia! This country does not only boast its fairytale-like castles but cave trains underground that look like the adventures of Indiana Jones.

What’s more, the transport links are very helpful. Slovenia is small enough, so could even possibly explore the whole country confidently. Thus, it’s very easy to get around. Also, Slovenia is extremely safe. With lots of activities on offer, the country entices the more daring and bold solo travelers or people who love the outdoors.

Moreover, the younger generation of locals has a high level of English proficiency, making Slovenia a perfect destination this year for a solo traveler.

4. South Korea

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South Korea is a growing ancient-meets-modern Korean tradition with young neighborhoods and contemporary architecture. Although Korea’s capital city sits beneath the shadow of its neighbors, such as Tokyo and Beijing, Seoul has become one of the hippest and hottest cities in Asia.

Head to Gangnam to find most of the modern district in Seoul, the best plastic surgeons, the most costly high rises, and the biggest underground shopping mall all over Asia. For sure, you won’t get bored spending an entire day in Gangnam.

Next, you’ll love Insadong for its artistic streak. This neighborhood is the best place to do some souvenir shopping. Overall, Seoul has trouble-free public buses and a network of subways that are pretty much easy to use and affordable. Lastly, do not shy away from South Korea’s street food.

5. Malta

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This gorgeous and charming European island is perfect for a captivating and enthralling solo adventure. You can explore the island by renting a car in just a few days and find the beautiful Blue Lagoon and quaint cobblestone streets.

There are two official languages in Malta, English, and Maltese. Most of the locals are native Maltese, and some are Brits. A visit here will surely make you do a lot of walking. For the most part, there are tons of streets to stroll around, which are situated into one another, pervaded with cafes, sculptures, and shops.

A must-see place here is Mdina, which is a magical fortified city located at the peak of Malta. It is deemed as the silent city because it’s encased by bastions and is inhabited by at least 300 residents. The deep-rooted history of this place hints that through the years, it has been anything but quiet provided the many battles lost and won for its possession.


It can be scary and frightening to travel alone, particularly if it’s your first time. But you need not be scared. All you need to do is to prepare and research about the destination you are visiting. In return, your solo trip could be very rewarding. The very first step towards a successful solo journey is choosing your destination.

There are many options out there, go through them, and study what they offer. Relying upon your skillset and confidence level, you may dive into places that are easier to travel alone. Some of the best places for a solo trip are listed above. Consider visiting at least one of the suggested places as they are all perfect for solo trips.