Reasons to Use CBD Hemp Cream on Your Face Every Day


CBD hemp cream is not a new concept, but it is only recently that people have started to use it for cosmetic purposes.

Traditionally, CBD hemp creams have been used for medical reasons, mainly to address inflammation and general aches and pains across the body. However, CBD hemp cream has recently been attracting positive attention within the beauty and cosmetic industries.

There is an increasing range of options for purchasing hemp skin care in Australia. These products are designed specifically for the face and to provide cosmetic and medicinal benefits.

Here are some reasons to use CBD hemp cream on your face every day.

CBD Hemp Creams May Slow Down Noticeable Signs of Ageing

Hemp plants are packed with natural antioxidants that help to protect the skin from cell damage and premature signs of ageing when applied directly.

It is thought that using CBD hemp cream every day can slow down the signs of ageing and reduce the damage that harmful environmental factors can have on the skin.

An added benefit of using a CBD hemp cream is that it contains several other essential minerals that the skin requires to look and feel its best. Using any face cream daily ensures that the skin can stay hydrated and prevents damage that could otherwise be caused.

CBD Hemp Creams May Reduce Skin Irritations


CBD hemp creams contain a number of compounds that help reduce inflammation and pain and, as a result, can significantly help reduce skin irritations.

In most cases, skin irritations are caused by small patches of inflammation on the skin’s surface. Sometimes inflammation is necessary to protect the body, but there are also many times when it is an incorrect response from the body and has no practical benefit.

Applying a CBD cream to the face provides the skin with a small dose of cannabinoids which may reduce and, in some cases, even prevent an unnecessary flare-up of inflammation. CBD creams help reduce the frequency of blemishes, redness, and irritation on the skin and give it a much healthier appearance.

CBD creams are the most effective when they are used every day as this helps to ensure that the skin has a continuous supply of cannabinoids to suppress inflammation before it becomes problematic.

CBD Hemp Creams May Cleanse the Skin of Toxins

The face is subjected to a range of environmental toxins throughout the day. Over time these toxins can damage the skin causing it to lose its natural glow and healthy colour. Using a CBD cream as part of your nighttime routine can help to ensure that the skin is cleansed of environmental stressors and has time to recover from the day.

Getting into the habit of cleaning and applying CBD hemp cream to the skin every day encourages a good skincare routine which has been proven to be a significant contributor to long-term skin health.

Alongside CBD, face creams also contain other plant compounds and essential oils that help cleanse the skin and limit the effects of external toxins. The different natural compounds are designed to work together, providing the skin with the essential nutrients it needs.

CBD Hemp Creams May Prevent Skin Inflammation


One of the most common uses of CBD topicals is to manage inflammation flare-ups. Hemp plants have been used for hundreds of years for their natural anti-inflammatory properties and have been found to have many health benefits.

Providing the body with a small dose of CBD daily is thought to help suppress unnecessary inflammation, which can lead to further health problems over time. For example, when inflammation occurs in joints, it can cause stiffness and pain, which can be debilitating in the most extreme of cases.

Applying a CBD hemp cream to the face daily can prevent those frustrating flare-ups of inflammation that can leave you feeling self-conscious for several days until they fade.

CBD Hemp Creams May Help to Improve Skin Conditions

CBD hemp cream may even help to improve the symptoms of certain skin conditions. In a news release published by the American Academy of Dermatology, Jeanette Jacknin, MD, FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist, said that as CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, “there may be potential for topical cannabis to improve conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema by reducing the inflammation associated with these diseases.”

Furthermore, in an article published in the Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology journal, the authors referred to the recent research that indicated the “critical role of the ECS in maintaining skin homeostasis and barrier function” and how its “dysregulation has been implicated in various skin disorders like atopic dermatitis, itch, acne, hair growth/loss, and hyper/hypopigmentation.”

Acknowledging the “important regulatory function” that the ECS plays for the skin, the authors, Baswan et al., theorise that “it is plausible that treatment with topical cannabinoids could be efficacious for certain disorders or skin health in general.”

CBD Hemp Creams Can Rejuvenate the Skin


Using CBD hemp creams every day can be beneficial, even if you are not looking to address a specific medical or cosmetic issue. CBD hemp contains a range of vital nutrients and minerals that nourish the skin, provide moisturising compounds, and work to maintain good health and glowing skin.

The benefits of using a CBD cream on the skin go beyond just the effects CBD and other cannabinoids provide. Most CBD hemp face creams are made using similar formulas to other face creams and provide the skin with a range of natural healthy compounds that work together to keep the skin looking great.

Many manufacturers add CBD to hemp seed oil which they then use as an ingredient in their CBD hemp cream products. Apart from containing the essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6, hemp seed oil contains vitamin E, which many believe is beneficial for skin health and appearance.

The combination of these ingredients and the known anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of cannabidiol are just some reasons to use CBD hemp cream on your face every day.