Top Neighborhoods for a Weekend Away in Houston 


Are you itching to get away for the weekend? Houston is a premier choice for a solo, romantic, or group getaway due to its wide range of destinations, activities, and unique experiences. If you are looking to book a weekend away, we have the insider scoop.

Booking a Weekend in Houston

Choosing a District

If you are from out of town, booking a weekend away in Houston can provide you with new experiences and lifelong memories. When scheduling your weekend, we recommend starting by choosing a specific district to explore. Given how massive Houston is, it would be entirely overwhelming to try and see all of the city at once, so we recommend conquering it one district at a time. Psst…we’ve included an excellent list for you to peruse below!

Picking Your Accommodation

Next, it is time to pick accommodation. Houston offers a wide variety of hotels and Airbnb-style destinations. Whether you want a classy penthouse suite or a cozy backyard Airbnb, you can find it all here!

Planning for Transportation

After you have chosen your district, it is time to think about transportation. No matter which neighborhood you choose, driving can be chaotic and confusing. Rather than attempting to worry about directions and parking, we recommend utilizing other modes of transportation. For a good chunk of the time, you will be likely able to walk or take public transportation.

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Making an Itinerary

Lastly, we recommend writing up a list of all the things you MUST SEE! Choose two spots per day to check out in your chosen district. As for the rest of the time, see where the city takes you. If you want to pop into a little store, do it! If you wish to grab an ice cream cone, do it! If you crave a walk through a quiet neighborhood path, DO IT! Your trip should balance planned and spontaneous activities to get the most out of your adventure.

Top 7 Neighborhoods in Houston

1. Museum District


We will be honest and tell you right off the bat that there is no way you can see everything there is to see in the Museum District within a weekend. With 19 different cultural institutions available, that alone will keep you occupied all hours of the day if you let it. However, you can’t let museums reign supreme! This district also has a variety of delightful restaurants, bars, and cute shops to explore.

2. Midtown

Midtown is an urban oasis of activities that everyone will love. Starting in the morning, there is a wide array of walkable bakeries and shops. You can check out the parks and local artwork throughout the afternoon and get a tasty lunch. Then, break out the dance shoes as it is time to hit the floor once the sun sets! Midtown features a vibrant night scene that will keep you out long past Cinderella’s clock chimes.

3. Montrose

Developed in 1911, Montrose is the Portland of Houston. What do we mean by that? Montrose is eclectic, to say the least. If you are looking for a quirky weekend where you can eat avocado toast, buy world-class art, and then get a new tattoo, this is the place to be. We recommend bringing plenty of spending money if you enjoy hunting through antique stores, thrift shops, and other one-of-a-kind boutiques.

4. Uptown


Also known as the Galleria District, Uptown is where luxury shines brighter than a diamond. Known primarily for the Galleria Mall, you could spend a whole day inside combing through the hundreds of different stores. Just north of The Galleria is Uptown Park, where you can find even more shopping adventures! Just make sure to take a moment to pause from swiping that credit card to visit the Gerald D. Hines Water Wall Park; you don’t want to miss it!

5. The Heights

Dating back to the 1890s, The Heights is a unique blend of multi-million-dollar homes and charming bungalows that have been there for what feels like forever. Quiet and quaint, The Heights is an excellent neighborhood to get away for a relaxing or romantic weekend. When in The Heights, we recommend taking an afternoon stroll down 19th Street, where you can explore a variety of boutiques, mom-and-pop shops, thrift stores, and delightful cafes. We also recommend catching a concert at the White Oak Music Hall!

6. Downtown

We have already mentioned Midtown and Uptown, so, of course, we can’t fail to mention Downtown. For many years, Downtown was the business center of Houston. From 7 am to 6 pm, it was bustling with workers as they went about their business. However, the streets were barren after everyone had clocked out for the day. As of late, that has begun to change. For example, the north side of Downtown is the Theater District, where you can take in theater, ballet, opera, and music on most nights. Plus, there is Discovery Green and the Underground Network to check out.

7. Chinatown


It may be called Chinatown, but the population of this district includes people from all different parts of Asia. There is a long list of must-see sights in Chinatown. Still, a few of our top recommendations include shopping at Hong Kong City Mall, filling your belly with delicious food at any of the fantastic restaurants, and practicing your vocals at a karaoke bar. If you would like to learn more about the area, there are even heritage tours to provide you with valuable and fascinating perspectives on what you are seeing and experiencing.

Whether you are in Houston for a weekend, a week, a month, or a lifetime, this vibrant city always has something for everyone. New experiences, incredible people, and a love of life keep this city bustling throughout the decades, with even more adventures to come.