An Expert Guide for a Weekend in Rhodes in 2024

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If you are planning for a wonderful weekend tour to get your thought together and get a bit of sunshine on your skin, sunny Greece has so much to offer. One of the prettiest islands there is for sure Rhodes.

It seems like it was made by the Zeus himself and can feel like it is out of this world. It is a breathtaking location and you will not regret going there. Of course, since you are going to use just a weekend, you need a good guide in order to get the most of this trip. Stay tuned.

Pick a place to stay

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Having little time does not mean you need to make a compromise on where you will stay. Pick a place that is on the budget and that offers at least one meal. This will save you from cooking and looking for what to eat, and give you plenty of time to do some exploring. Location is the key, so if you have planned to rent a car, you can stay somewhere away from the beach, if not, pick a location close to the beach if you are planning to spend the day in the sun.

Taste local cuisine

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Greece is famous for a few things, its beaches, loudness, and food. When there, be free to enjoy all the specialties they can offer. There is a lot of food on the menu and there is something for everyone. You will not have a problem finding food if you are following a specific meal plan and they are willing to indulge the guests, so you can always ask to remove some ingredient from the salad if you are not digging it. Be aware that their portions may be quite large and that they do eat all sorts of meat. Due to the fact they are next to the water, seafood is fresh as it can be, so we highly recommend having a bit of it too.

Car tour

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A a good way to explore this island is to get the car and just go where ever you feel like. By doing so on your won, you may stumble upon to some unknown treasures. It is a whole new experience to just drive as the wind blows your hair and your favorite music is on. Hence, you may think about renting a convertible and experience this trip in the best way possible. A good and reliable service to use in order to actually rent a car is, since they are safe and easy to use.


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Greece offers vast variety in the nightlife, from the traditional Greek night that is organized for the tourists to the clubbing and dancing. Again, there is something for everyone. There are bars where you can get local drinks and have a taste of this country, but most of them offer cocktails and other drinks that are well known around the world. If you are into the clubbing and want to experience the nightlife, we are recommending you to go and have fun.


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Taking into consideration the history of the whole country, this island has a lot of offer in the historical legacy and it would be a shame not to see it. So have an afternoon or two occupied by the tour around the town you are in, getting to know the history that is very interesting.

You can get local guides that know the language you are speaking, and most of them do speak English and have a few hours in the exploration of the ancient tombs, historically significant buildings and museums. This is something you will want to do since it is the best way to get to know the culture of the county and the island itself.

Sunny day at the beach

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Locals do keep the best for themselves, so we suggest you rent a car and get into the exploration of various beaches around the island. A map or a local guide or info from a local resident will be of use in searching for the perfect place under the sun. This island is filled with magnificent and breathtaking beaches, and you will not regret it if you go and search for the one that you prefer. They do organize trips with boats and exploration of different beaches and caves so that you can get yourself a ticket and dive into the waters on the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Underwater activities

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If you are a fan of water and love being in it and around it, we are proposing different water and underwater activities. One of them can be fishing, as a good way to relax and get into the Zen mode. Many are offering boats and similar vehicles to be rented and ridden for a specific period of time, so you can explore the island from both land and the sea. This is one in a lifetime opportunity, so do not miss it.

Due to the purity of the water, you may be able to find the guides and learn how to dive and go and explore the vivid life under the surface of the water. It does not have to be deep diving, especially if you did not have any training in the past, but seeing what is under the surface is something that you will not be able to forget.


Visiting Rhodes may be one of the most magical things you have ever experienced. This island is beautiful and will fascinate you in so many ways. From the big historical legacy that it has to offer to breathtaking landscapes and beaches you can visit while there. The water is magical, and do not skip diving in and feeling the sun on your skin.

Renting a car while there is a good way to reach different parts of the island and enjoy the perks of this amazing place. Don’t forget to see into the local cuisine and try the specialties. Enjoy each minute there and take some sunshine with you to have when you get back home.