What is BodyMap: VR Training Solution?

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When you look at the human body, referring to it as complicated would be an understatement. An average adult human body consists of trillions of cells which are impossible to see with the naked human eye. Our history as human beings goes way back. However, when it comes to scientific breakthroughs about the human body, in the past few decades we have advanced significantly. That being said, there are still mysteries about the human body that we know very little about or nothing at all.

Nonetheless, as time passes, we are getting closer and closer to uncovering these mysteries and finding the answers we have been looking for. This can be attributed to the group of scientists who are tirelessly working day and night to bring forth a so-called Google map of the human body. This map is represented in the form of a human body 3D model.

This 3D model is an achievement that will help with many scientific breakthroughs in the future. Its true value will only be seen as time goes on. With that out of the way, if you are interested in the topic at hand, we recommend you stay and read the article as we will dive deeper into what the BodyMap is and what impact it has. So, without further delay, let’s dive right in.

Significance of the Map

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As we have already mentioned above, having a human body map that is well-detailed is of great significance to many scientific fields. Nonetheless, this can be compared to the similar scientific breakthrough we had in the early 2000s. As some of you might remember, at the start of the new millennium, scientists have accomplished something unimaginable for that time. They have succeeded with the mapping of a human genome.

This has led scientists to finally understand that, fundamentally, the human body consists of DNA. However, this still left many mysteries regarding how the human body works on a more cellular level. They have figured out that genes are responsible for providing commands to the body and telling it how to operate. These commands are carried out by our cells, but the problem is that we figured out how it happens, yet we still do not understand why.

Human anatomy is still a big mystery to us and we hope that soon there will be further discoveries which will answer our questions. That being said, we are moving in the right direction as with the BodyMap project, the vr anatomy of the body becomes less of a mystery. It allowed scientists to compare healthy cells with the ones that are problematic. The easiest way to explain this is to compare it to Google maps but designed for your body. If you want to navigate somewhere, Google maps would probably be your first choice. Well, this works exactly the same way. With it, you can easily navigate the entirety of the human body. This is especially helpful to scientists that are constantly exploring the human body searching for answers as to how different cells work together to operate the human body.

The BodyMap Program

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HuBMAP, also known as the Human BioMolecular Atlas Program, is a program that is developed by an international consortium of researchers. The goal of this project is to help understand the human body on a cellular level. The first data collected and released consisted of 300 samples of healthy cells gathered from seven different organs which are a kidney, heart, small intestine, large intestine, thymus, lymph nodes, and lastly spleen. These samples underwent serious analysis including mass spectroscopy, whole genome RNA sequencing, and microscopy.

This way, scientists had the opportunity to see these samples from a different point of view, and the results did not disappoint at all. Every sample was detailed down to every individual cell which was the beginning of what is today known as a HuBMAP project.

VR Medical Simulation

We can only guess what this project will bring in the future. However, we know what it is capable of doing today. The HuBMAP has enormous potential in the sphere of training. With the help of VR, HuBMAP can become the ultimate training program for new generations of doctors as well as scientists. This approach can provide trainees with one of a kind learning experience which will help them to better understand the human body. Examining 3D human body parts in virtual reality down to each and every cell is simply unbelievable. This way, there will be a clear understanding of how healthy cells operate in comparison to diseased ones.

Providing Assistance

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As we have already mentioned, the significance of the HuBMAP project to help with a better understanding of the human body is simply phenomenal. However, that is not all. With this technology, the way risky procedures are carried out is going to change. For example, this allows surgeons to plan out the whole surgery to the minute detail.

Imagine how much stress and anxiety this can eliminate for both the surgeons and the patients, not to mention that it also drops the risk factor down to a minimum. We already have statistics which show that doctors who use VR simulations for training tend to do better during operations both in efficiency and stress levels. It is not hard to imagine that, with the help of HuBMAP for pre-surgery planning, we would see the same results.


All in all, it is undeniable that the HuBMAP is one of the major stepping stones in the sphere of scientific development. The usefulness it has in so many fields, most of all in healthcare, is simply mind-blowing. The combination of HuBMAP and VR technology provides unimaginable benefits to the training process of new doctors. Although we still have so much to learn about the human body, we are moving in the right direction. With a project like HuBMAP, we can rest assured and leave the matter to the scientists who clearly know what they are doing.