What Parents Need to Know About Snapchat?

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Snapchat is a phenomenon of sorts. It started small and now it is one of the most used apps on mobile phones you can think of. The biggest chunk of their users are small children and teens. This fact immediately pops up the question about parents and their overview of what their children are watching on the internet. There are several things that you, as a parent, need to know about Snapchat and its use. We are going to present you with some functions that you should be aware about.

Blocking Users is Possible

In case your child experienced some kind of harassment or bullying by someone from Snapchat, you will be able to block all of the unwanted users. Being blocked means that these contacts are going to be unable to view chats, seeing stories, and sending snaps to the account that blocked them. Also, you should know that there is an option of deleting that contact from your contact list. Deleting unwanted contact means that it will be unable to send you any further messages.

Reporting Abuse

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Besides blocking and deleting other, unwanted accounts, there is a possibility of reporting abuse. You can report any abuse you come across, either bullying or harassment. Among other options you can find an option that will report the abuse and inappropriate content. As you will probably agree, this is a perfect option for all of the parents who saw their child experiencing some online bullying or harassment.

Saving Snaps

The biggest difference from Snapchat and other similar applications is that this one doesn’t save messages, instead of that, they disappear after some time. However, you still have a chance to see what your kids are sharing with the mspy, which represents an application that tracks all of the messages that your kids are sharing.

Sharing the Location

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With Snapchat you also can share the location of your contacts with the help of Geofilters and some other features that involve Google Maps. However, the user must have their location service turned on on the phone. Also, the function for location can be turned out in the settings options.

Dangers of Saving the Inappropriate Snaps

Snapchat is often being used by users for sending some intimate pictures, and many of them are unaware that some of those shared images could get them into some serious trouble. However, sharing your private content could make you to get in some inappropriate situation, but in the case that you are sharing someone else’s private pictures, you could get in some serious problems with the law.

Users can send a Snap from a Friend’s Story to Other Users

The Stories on Snapchat are very popular, especially with younger users, the stories can last for 24 hours for everyone to see. With the latest update, each of your followers can share your story through private messages, or copy it. This means that you should be careful with the content that you are sharing.