7 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs Instagram Marketing in 2024

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Developments in digital technologies are having a huge effect on marketing strategies, and we can see that many brands are switching from traditional promotion processes to more effective ones that you can get by using social networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Since millions of people are using social media, these online platforms represent a great solution to promote your brand. When it comes to Instagram, there are over 1 billion active users, and you can share various content there, like photos, videos, stories, and more.

Furthermore, you can analyze the data about the popularity of your Instagram account by using Sharemyinsights, and develop a proper marketing strategy according to your followers, location, competition, and more. When we compare the potential of Instagram with other promotion methods, its huge popularity and convenience make it a much more effective and cheaper solution. Here are the main reasons why your brand needs Instagram marketing in 2024.

1. Perfect Choice for Big and Small Companies

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The main reason why this social network represents a powerful marketing tool is that so many people are using it every day. While big companies can use it to communicate with their customers and introduce new products, small and new businesses can use it to promote themselves with much better results than with any other method. However, you should know that there are many important factors that you should be aware of when creating a promotional page on this platform, where quality content is crucial to attracting people. Also, with various analyses and insights, you can easily find what type of audience to target with your promotions.

2. Interactive Posts and Short Stories

While creating a promo page on Instagram is a great start, there are many more things that you can do to attract new clients and keep the existing ones. First of all, you can create a connection with people by sharing interesting content like videos and stories where people might feel the link with your brand. For example, you can show some interesting facts about your company rather than just posting commercials for your products, or create questionnaires about some future products, where people can interact with your brand and become even more interested. There is a great rivalry on the market, and coming up with new ideas can be crucial for your business.

3. Proper Use of Hashtags

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Hashtags can also be very effective for your brand because you can use them to target audiences in the selected niche. Instagram also has an organic search option, where you can end up in someone’s results if a user is searching over similar brands. Therefore, make sure that every post that you share has a proper combination of hashtags that could help you separate from the crowd and become more popular than similar brands. Also, there is a chance that some of your hashtags can become widely popular, which can bring you a great number of visitors and potential customers.

4. Instagram is Very Popular

While Facebook has many more users, the main advantage of Instagram is that people on this social media platform are much more active, especially younger generations. According to some researches, this social network will become an even more powerful marketing tool in the future, since the number of accounts is growing fast. A crucial factor in successful Instagram promotion is having a lot of iG likes on your posts, as this can boost visibility and increase engagement with your target audience. Moreover, there is a great rise in sales over online stores, and this platform is one of the best solutions to promote it. Such method and partnership with promotion services have ‑ Serc-dst Research Council. Also, Instagram has introduced the option to create a store only by using your account, which represents an even more convenient way to promote your brand, and can surely bring more potential customers.

5. Direct Source to Revenue

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Facebook, as a corporation, is always trying to become more innovative and allow brands to use its social networks to create revenue. When it comes to Instagram, you can attach links in your posts or add tags to your photos, which can lead visitors to your online store. The main advantage of this method is that you are not annoying people like unwanted pop-ups and videos, but rather allowing them to visit your store by themselves. You should be aware that bothering people too much about your products can have negative effects.

6. Partnerships, Contests, and Giveaways

Another great method that could help your brand to become much more popular on this social network is by paying some popular people to promote you over their accounts. Influencers represent one of the best options, especially for small businesses. The cost depends on how popular the influencer is. Creating a partnership with someone who can promote your account to their visitors represents a powerful marketing strategy, especially that person shares his opinion and performs a short review of your products.

However, you should choose people who are somehow connected with your niche. Moreover, you can create various contests, where you can provide people with questionnaires, or motivate them to take pictures with your products, and randomly select some of them to give them a prize. Besides that, you can promote your business by offering giveaways to most loyal customers, most recent followers, and more.

7. Higher Engagement and Organic Reach

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While promotional links, ads, and content shared by influencers are great as a promotion, the best way is an organic reach, which means that your page will be present in the search engine or be a part of suggested pages to follow. Paid promotion is effective, but there is always a risk that you will annoy your potential customers. With a proper selection of hashtags, your page can be suggested to many people who are interested in your niche, which represents the most convenient way where people can become more interested in your brand. Also, IGInstant suggests that you should pay attention to your connection with followers and make sure to always meet their demands and respond to their feedback.

Last Words

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Among many marketing strategies, using an Instagram account represents one of the cheapest and most efficient solutions. Even though there is a great competition, you always have a chance to find the targeted audience. However, you have to be aware of all the important factors that are crucial for that.