Tips To Keep Up With Your Home Maintenance Checklist – 2024 Gudie

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For most homeowners, maintenance only really becomes a reality when things start to go a bit awry. From overflowing gutters and leaky taps to rodent infestations and weeds taking over the yard, home maintenance may not be everyone’s favourite task. Although, neglecting most problems for too long can become a concerning hazard as well as a massive financial loss. Therefore, it should be a priority to preserve the value of your home and keep your family comfortable. These home maintenance checklist tips will detail the most important projects you should keep up regularly.

Pest Control Routine

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Many homeowners don’t include pest control measures on their home maintenance checklist as pests may not exactly seem like a maintenance problem. However, when considering that certain pests, such as termites, can degrade the structural integrity of your home and cost you a fortune in damages, in the long run, it is best to include these services on your checklist.

You can also personalize your choice of services by consulting Nextgen Pest Solutions and by evaluating pest risks in your neighbourhood as well as your region. In some areas, wildlife removal services may need to be kept on hand as snakes and raccoons become a concern. At the same time, other regions may increase the concern for nesting spiders, disease-carrying rodents, or others. When consulting pest control services, it is a great idea to request a professional recommendation to establish which services you would regularly need to keep your home free of pests.

According to, conducting building and pest inspections on a regular basis will remove your mind from stress from the extra money you need to spend to fix the infestation. If you don’t have time to check your building for pest infestations, you can find a good quality company that can do the job for you.

Opting for preventative measures is also a great idea to preserve your home’s value.

Keeping Your Gutters Clean

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Ideally, it would be best if you were clearing out your gutters at least twice each year, although, doubling the frequency of cleanouts will reduce the chances that a gutter blockage causes damage. It is best to schedule cleanouts at the beginning of each season. While clearing out your gutters, it is also a great idea to evaluate the condition of your roof. It is wise to have your roof assessed by a professional service at least once a year. Maintaining the condition of your roof will save you a fortune in potential repairs, and the effort will also keep the value of your home optimal.

Painting And Varnishing

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Repainting the exterior and interior of your home does not have to be a scheduled responsibility as you can observe the condition of paint now and then. However, when it comes to varnishing wood fences and backyard patios, it is best to varnish or apply a sealant at the start of each summer season. This is because harsh weather conditions can quickly degrade the condition of the wood, and sealant applicants are not everlasting.


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If you hear grumbling pipes, your home is probably long overdue for plumbing repairs. As mentioned, it is always best to avoid neglecting maintenance as problems will worsen. However, if you have not noticed any issues as of yet, your monthly plumbing maintenance should consist of clearing out blocked drains with a suitable drain cleaner, inspecting faucets for leaks, and ensuring there are no unpleasant and alarming sounds when taps are turned on.

It is never a suitable solution to attempt to save money by handeling plumbing issues yourself. Even though you clear out blocked drains and change a faucet washer, more extensive plumbing issues will require professional assistance. This is because badly repair pipes can lead to extremely costly leaks and even rising damp concerns.


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Every five years, you should employ a professional electrician to assess the electrical system in your home. Inspections and testing are crucial to preventing hazardous issues. Just as you should never attempt to solve plumbing issues alone, electrical repairs are even more dangerous, which is why it is best to rely on a trained professional like A/C Electrical Services.

However, you can maintain your electrical system by avoiding potential outlet overloads, keeping water away from outlets and cords, and conducting routine checks to ensure all outlets are working as they should. Your regular checks don’t need to be hazardous as you can test outlets with small appliances if they are not in use daily.

The Importance Of Keeping Your Home Clean

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You may not consider cleaning your home a maintenance measure, although, the effort is a great way to uncover potential issues that could be lurking beneath clutter and mess. Keeping your home clean means, you won’t be taken aback by a sudden pests infestation, and you will have a clear view of electrical sockets and potential rising damp among other home problems. There are tons of reasons to keep your home neat and tidy from avoiding allergen build-up to keeping your home in optimal condition. You will also be able to identify the early stages of mould build-up that can degrade your home’s value and raise concerns for your health and the health of your family.

Many homeowners opt for a thorough spring clean at least once a year, in which rooms are reorganized, windows are cleaned, and clutter is cleared out. During your spring clean, you will be able to notice any impending problems and deal with them immediately. Cleaning is a large part of maintaining the interior of your home as neglected carpets and cabinets, and other home items can be destroyed if not taken care of for long periods.

Maintaining Your Yard

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Trimming trees and shrubs, pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, and dusting off patio furniture is all part of maintaining your yard. Keeping your yard will help you identify issues with the exterior of your home a lot faster as you will be able to get a clear view of the condition of your home. Incorporating your exterior maintenance efforts with your yard cleaning duties is a great way to avoid neglecting tasks such as clearing out gutters. All the efforts you invest in keeping your home in top condition will pay off significantly when it comes to avoiding astronomical repair costs that result from neglect.