Why Players Love WoW Classic?

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Blizzard has surprised all of its fans recently with the new mod for World of Warcraft game, the Classic. With the Classic mode, players can experience the pleasure of playing the first version of this game from 2004.

The only difference from the first original version and this one is the engine of the game, which is the same as the modern version of WoW. and works much better than the version from 2004. Also, Blizzard has implemented the same graphic quality and gameplay in Classic mode, only now it runs much better.

Many players of World of Warcraft were surprised and delighted with the Classic so much, that now more gamers are playing Classic mode than the standard version. The main reasons for that are feeling for nostalgia, the story of the game, and the old gameplay. Also there are some ways for players to earn real money while playing it.

The Main Reasons for the Popularity of World of Warcraft Classic

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The World of Warcraft MMORPG game was a real game-changer for the industry when it was launched in 2004. In a very short period, this game became one of the most popular among the players from whole world. After all, this game has its huge base of active players even today, and Blizzard is constantly upgrading it with new patches, improved gameplays and new stories and quests.

One of the main factors for such a popularity of Classic mode is the feel of nostalgia, because many of the World of Warcraft players were kids 15 years ago, and they find this patch very pleasant to play. The original game was not as complex as modern version, but it was much harder to level up.

For example, there were not so many abilities for the heroes as it is in the modern versions, but it was so much easier to get killed, and looting was significantly harder than it is for later versions. The Classic mode kept everything like it was in the beginning, but the experience of playing it is now different, principally because most of the players are now adults, the WoW veterans, as we can say.

The Gameplay

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The Classic mode feels like a different game from the modern World of Warcraft, but people who were playing this game 15 years ago can remember how it was in the beginning. First of all, upgrading your hero, collecting, gold, killing the neutrals, and completing quests were much different in the time when this game started to conquer the gaming industry.

The Classic version, just as the original one, is much slower, and it is easier for you to get killed. Also, the original demands skills and patience to level up, and there were many more reasons to explore the world, and not just to rush on completing the quests.

Also, a big difference from the modern version of the game is that you can now play it all by yourself, without the need to make any friendships with other players or ask for help. Things were much different in the early days of World of Warcraft, and Classic mode is here to remind us of that too.

The whole point of the older version of this game was to create friendships with other players to help each other. In modern versions, there is no actual need for that, just an option.And this is why the feeling of nostalgia hits so many players because 10 or 15 years ago, many people were using the World of Warcraft game as a big social network, and there were many friendships created through this game.

Furthermore, Blizzard really gave all of its efforts to make this game look like the original in all ways. They even kept some bugs that were so annoying in the original game, but they now represent the reminder of how it was the experience of playing the original WoW. The WoW Classic has almost all of the features like the original version, only now the game runs smoothly and with fewer delays.

Will Classic Mode Affect the Popularity of a Modern Game?

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World of Warcraft has its huge base of players, which it got during the 15 years of existence, and it seems like there are going to be new stories and upgrades of this game in the future as well. The Classic mode is here to remind us of how it was at the beginning, and in some way, to celebrate the 15 years of this virtual world and its large community.

The people from Blizzard expects that the Classic mode will result in just a shorter hype among the older players, and not from the whole community. There were reasons why this game evolved in a way as it is today, and the main reason for that was following the needs of the gamers. Most of the players, who spent years in developing and upgrading their character in the World of Warcraft, will not just move on some older version.

The Classic is just a fun way to remind everyone of some major differences between older and modern versions, and also, to show everyone how the whole experience of playing the game was much different back in time.

Players can Earn from Playing the WoW Classic

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Besides being a lot of fun to remember how it was playing your first World of Warcraft game, you can actually earn some real money while playing it. If you want to see, how much WoW Classic Gold is worth in real money Check here.

So now you can have a lot of fun in your free time while killing all those monsters and leveling up your hero. But also, with more gold that you collect in the game, there is more real profit for you. For example, you can sell all of the gold that you previously mined in the game, and the prices for it are mostly between 20 and 30 dollars for 100 units.