Achieve A Healthy Teeth: The Natural Way


Oral health is closely related to overall health, but many people seem to forget this. Now is the time to recognize the entire body works as a whole, which includes a person’s teeth and gums. Holistic dentists recognize this and focus on non-toxic treatments to protect the patient’s health. They also work with other healthcare professionals to ensure any treatment is good for the entire person.

What is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is designed to allow the body to heal itself and regenerate. All treatments work to support and improve this natural ability of the body. These treatments are less invasive and offer benefits not seen with conventional dentistry. Visit to learn more about holistic dentistry and why every person should consider this option.

Holistic Dentistry Philosophy

Holistic dentists focus on the whole person when treating dental issues. They believe all areas of health are connected. This includes the patient’s spiritual and emotional health. Traditional dentists, in contrast, only focus on the health of the teeth, gums, and jaws. They don’t consider how the treatments they offer impact other parts of the body.

Treatment Options


Conventional dentists emphasize brushing, flossing, and regular checkups to maintain oral health. They offer restorative procedures to address cavities. Holistic dentists look beyond these treatments. They may recommend aromatherapy, hypnosis, and nutrition education to improve a person’s oral health. In addition, they often use homeopathy, electroacupuncture, and spiritual healing when treating a patient. Holistic dentists rarely offer certain traditional procedures, such as root canals, as they believe these treatments are harmful to a person’s overall health.

Materials Used

Holistic dentists prefer to use natural materials that are biocompatible, as they affect the body in a different way. The dentist wants to ensure any treatments they provide don’t harm other parts of the body. Before using a material, the dentist will do a biocompatibility test to see if the material will harm the body or immune system in any way.

Many people have concerns about mercury fillings. Research has shown mercury is harmful to humans in the long run, so holistic dentists only use materials that are completely free of this substance. The dentist may also recommend the removal of mercury fillings, replacing these fillings with a modern amalgam material. However, the dentist doesn’t stop here.

They also work with the patient to reduce any negative health effects the patient has as a result of these mercury fillings. They work to combat this mercury toxicity, restoring the patient’s overall health in the process.

Materials used are all natural. For instance, they may provide a herbal mouthwash to treat gingivitis or a composite filling rather than a mercury one. Holistic dentists also don’t provide fluoride treatments. They feel topical fluoride is the preferred way to ensure a patient gets the fluoride they need for a healthy mouth.

Minimally Invasive Procedures


A holistic dentist recognizes the body can naturally heal itself. Treatments offered by the dentist take this into account, and they often require less recovery time. For instance, a holistic dentist might use the pinhole surgical technique to treat gum disease or gum recession. The incision is smaller and shorter and the surgery is more precise. This means the patient will receive the same benefits seen with other treatment methods but the procedure will have less impact on their overall health.

As a result, the patient will need fewer pain medications and other prescription drugs following the procedure. They put fewer things into their body that can do them harm. The dentist will work with the patient to develop natural ways to deal with the pain and recover in less time. Countless patients prefer this, as they don’t like taking medications that can do them harm while trying to help them.

The Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

Why would a person choose a holistic dentist? There are several benefits associated with doing so. A person knows they are getting natural remedies that won’t do them harm. The materials are compatible with their body, and they know they aren’t damaging their overall health while trying to improve their oral health. The patient prefers alternative therapies as they worry about conventional medicine and whether it is doing them more harm than good.

Holistic dentists use a personalized approach. They view each patient as an individual and spend time with the patient to learn their complete health history. They learn more about the patient’s diet, health habits, and lifestyle to create a treatment plan. This ensures the patient gets the most benefit from their dental care while protecting their overall health in the process.

As the holistic dentist works with the patient to improve their oral health, they also focus on the person’s overall health. They work with the patient to ensure they eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep, exercise and more. The dentist encourages healthy living habits to boost the patient’s immune system, which will be of benefit to their oral health.

Are There Any Risks Associated with Holistic Dentistry?


Certain people may find a holistic dentist doesn’t meet their needs. Anyone with a history of tooth decay may need fluoride treatments, and holistic dentists don’t provide these treatments. A severe dental infection may need to be treated by a conventional dentist before it spreads to the brain. Holistic dentists prefer to pull infected teeth rather than treating them.

Certain prescription medications interact with herbal remedies, and a patient needs to know this before visiting a holistic dentist. Individuals with a chronic condition should also speak to their medical team to determine if holistic medicine will be of benefit to them or if they need to visit a conventional dentist.

Anyone who isn’t satisfied with their current dental care should consider visiting a holistic dentist. When doing so, they can expect a completely different approach to improving a person’s oral health. Now is the time to research this option, as scientists continue to discover more ways in which oral health impacts overall health. The holistic dentist recognizes this and treats the entire body.