MGA Online Casinos


What is the MGA license, is casino license legal and what do casinos have to offer so that the Maltese gambling authority issues them an official EU license? We will now not only explain to you what providers must fulfill in order to receive the well-known license from Malta, but will go a step further and provide you with expert knowledge about the licensing of online gambling in Germany.

However, it can be mentioned in advance that MGA casino is no longer allowed to legally offer their services in Germany. This is because only casinos with a German license are legal!

What is MGA casino?

When we talk about a casino with an MGA license, we are referring to all providers whose online gambling services are secured by a Maltese gambling license. The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA for short) is the responsible gambling authority based in Malta that issues licenses to online providers so that they can offer their services in large parts of the EU, but no longer in Germany.

At the same time, one of its tasks is to provide a point of contact for people at risk of gambling addiction and to enforce the protection of minors among providers. Licensees are regularly monitored and checked. The authority pays particular attention to ensuring that rules are adhered to in terms of security and fairness. The authority takes care of the protection of the players, so to speak. It prevents fraud on the part of the casino and money laundering on the part of customers. There are different license classifications, which the authority awards.

Does the Malta license mean maximum security?


In the past, you could be sure that if a provider was controlled and regulated by this authority, everything was above board and you could play there safely. In itself, nothing has changed. What has changed, however, is the legal situation in Germany, which states that only online casinos with a German license are allowed to offer their services. While the MGA license was the most highly regarded license for many years, due to the change in the law we can now only recommend providers that have a German gambling license or have at least applied for one.

The best alternatives to MGA Casino providers with a German license

Now we would like to recommend two of the best casino providers that already have a German license. If you want to play in a casino in the future, you should choose one of the following providers.

JackpotPiraten is a casino with a fat bonus

Our first recommendation in terms of providers with a license from Germany goes to JackpotPiraten. They not only focus on a very lovingly designed theme and pick up experienced players with a great Thursday jackpot. With them, you can also just pick up €20 bonus credit for the XXL slot portfolio via a deposit bonus.

BingBong has a Malta license and gives away a birthday present to you!

Another provider with a license from Germany and a more than extensive slot portfolio we can recommend to you is BingBong. They deliver a few exclusive slot titles and a 400% bonus for new customers.

MGA Casino: These requirements must meet an online Spielo for the license


In order for a casino to receive an MGA license, it must meet certain requirements. A certain amount of share capital is required here. This amounts to between €40,000 and €100,000 depending on the license category. The control authority conducts a suitability test of the persons who finance, manage and administer the casino. During this test, the economic viability is verified (business plan of the next 5 years must be submitted). The Maltese Gaming Authority obtains certificates of good conduct from national and international regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies here. In other words, they look closely at who wants to open a new online casino.

Independent third parties check again within 60 days

Once the requirements have been met, the IT infrastructure is checked. If there are no problems here either, the authority grants permission to put the online casino live within 60 days. Within this two-month period, the whole thing is then checked again by a third party (independent provider), who checks on behalf of the licensing authority. After that, the license is granted for five or ten years.

Regular compliance checks by the MGA

The licensing authority also checks at regular intervals whether the provider is complying with all legal requirements. Here, for example, it looks to see that there is no possibility of money laundering. If, for example, the casino operator has not yet operated a live casino and subsequently implements one, this is also checked again.

The Malta Gaming Authority is still one of the most important licensors, so you are in very good hands with a Malta casino. You can be absolutely sure that the Maltese iGaming studios do not compromise on player safety and fairness. Furthermore, the Malta Gaming Authority is at your side as a competent contact in the event of a dispute.

Finally, online casinos with a license from the Malta Gaming Authority benefit from a variety of advantages. It is therefore not surprising that Malta online casinos enjoy a very good reputation among players.



Is the Malta license among the best casino licenses?

Yes, the Malta Gaming Authority is particularly well respected, making the Malta license one of the best casino licenses in the industry.

Is there any fraud at an MGA casino?

Individual Malta online casinos must meet comprehensive licensing requirements and ensure full player safety. Since the Malta Gaming Authority carries out regular checks, fraud at an MGA casino can be safely prevented.

Are there limits at MGA casinos?

No, there are no pre-set limits at an MGA casino.

What are the payout ratios in Malta casinos?

The Malta online casinos must undergo regular audits and also ensure fair play. Accordingly, the payout ratios are also reasonable. The payout ratios can vary, depending on the game type, and range from around 88% to 98%.