Everything You Need To Know About The NFL Playoffs: Fixture Schedule & TV Channels

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The 14-team playoff field will be set in the 18th Week, marking the end of the 2024 NFL regular season. By Week 18, the teams that would participate in the 2024 NFL playoffs were mostly known to NFL fans. Before the competition got underway on Saturday, 11 teams had already secured postseason spots; the remaining three teams and the overall seeding were up for grabs.

Following a season that was extremely exciting, the NFL playoffs have begun, and the league has prepared some intriguing activities for the wild card stage. Only five times since the NFL and AFL merged in 1970 will the opening round include all rematches from the regular season.

The first stage will consist of six games. Prior to the current year, the previous occurrence occurred in 2009. The NFL Playoffs pave the way for the Super Bowl and is one of the major parts of the season that excites fans.

How are the NFL Playoffs Looking?

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While Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes will be among the well-known names in the Playoffs this year, three teams will be making the postseason for the first in a while. The Miami Dolphins, New York Giants, and Jacksonville Jaguars will all be playing in their first playoff games in at least five years.

This year, Tom Brady will be involved in a new circumstance. The Buccaneers who finished the regular season with an 8-9 record, will be only the sixth club ever to reach the postseason fixtures with a losing record and will be led by the legendary NFL player. Brady’s kickoff match will take place against the Dallas Cowboys, with whom he has always come victorious when playing against “America’s Team”.

While the Seattle Seahawks needed overtime to defeat the Los Angeles Rams 19-16, they also needed a helping hand from the Detroit Lions, which they duly got. The Lions managed to upset the Green Bay Packers, thus giving the Seahawks the final place in the NFL Playoffs.

Both the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles, who are the top seeds in their respective conferences, will get byes in the opening stages. A three-day wild-card series of fixtures will include the remaining 12 teams.

The Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals who were both in the number four seed last season had managed to advance to the Super Bowl after the divisional round upset of the top-seeded teams from the previous season. Even though they won the Super Bowl, the Rams could not return to the postseason, and compete in the Playoffs.

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And, with that in mind, here are the fixtures for the NFL postseason:

Wild Card Round

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Seattle Seahawks Vs San Francisco 49ers – January 14, 2024 (Saturday)

The 49ers were solid against the Seahawks in each of the two times they faced off against their divisional rivals this season. The 49ers defeated the Seahawks 27-7 in Week 2 when the season was in its early stages. They continued after that and won again with a 21-13 victory in Week 15. To have a chance against the 49ers, the Seattle Seahawks would need to pull off a miracle. The match will be televised by FOX.

Los Angeles Chargers Vs Jacksonville Jaguars – January 14, 2024 (Saturday)

A repeat of one of the year’s most unexpected games will take place here. The Chargers were routed 38-10 by the Jaguars in Week 3’s away game. The Jacksonville Jaguars dominated the field in every way and were brutally ruthless. Fans will get to watch this exciting fixture on NBC.

Miami Dolphins Vs Buffalo Bills – January 15, 2024 (Sunday)

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During the regular season, both of these teams secured one victory each against each other, with the victory occurring at home for both squads. The results came to the decision of a few points, because of their superior quality. Given that the Dolphins’ two main quarterback options are both injured, the main concern on the minds of supporters is who will take the field at that position for the Miami Dolphins. This interesting fixture will be available on CBS.

New York Giants Vs Minnesota Vikings – January 15, 2024 (Sunday)

When these two teams faced off in December, it was one of the most unpredictable games of the year. The Vikings’ Joseph scored a 61-yard field goal to seal the victory in the final seconds of the game. After not competing since 2018, Minnesota will host their first playoff game at home. This fixture will be televised on FOX.

Baltimore Ravens Vs Cincinnati Bengals – January 15, 2024 (Sunday)

Injured Lamar Jackson’s availability for this game is unknown. If he eventually plays, it will be the first time he will step on the field in the last couple of weeks. In Week 5, Jackson performed at the top of his game to muster a 19-17 victory over the Bengals. However, the Bengals got even in the rematch by winning 27-16. Fans will be able to watch this fixture on NBC.

Dallas Cowboys Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers – January 16, 2024 (Monday)

It will be necessary for the Cowboys to defeat Tom Brady, which they have never done before if they are to move to the divisional round. The fixture in Week 1 when the Buccaneers trounced the Cowboys 19-3, is included in the Cowboys’ 0-7 record all-time against the Buccaneers’ quarterback. The fixture will be televised on both ABC and ESPN.

Divisional Round – January 21 (Saturday) and January 22 (Sunday)

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The fixtures for this round will be released by the NFL as the wild card round is concluded. The Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles will undoubtedly host a match. The Chiefs will face either the Jaguars, Chargers, Ravens, or Dolphins, while the Eagles will face either the Buccaneers, Cowboys, Giants, or Seahawks in the next round depending on which teams are the lowest-seeded and remain in the hunt for the Super Bowl.

Championship Round – January 29, 2024 (Sunday)

  • NFC Championship is to be televised on FOX.
  • AFC Championship is to be televised on CBS.

Super Bowl – February 12, 2024 (Sunday)

AFC Champion vs. NFC Champion at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. This fixture will be televised on FOX.