What Is The Best Artificial Grass For Putting Green?

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Integral Grass strives to manufacture and provide high-quality artificial grass to its customers. Its costumers aspire to make the world a greener place by using a helpful product. As a result, we’re left with a fundamental question: what is the greatest artificial grass for putting green?

Artificial grass models are produced by our company and when viewed from the outside, they resemble natural grass and appear considerably more lively than natural grass. It was used to keep children from falling into playgrounds, but now it has a wide range of application areas. For many new buildings and sports fields constructed in recent years, artificial grass is chosen over natural grass. In a way, artificial grass has recently begun to take the place of natural grass due to its advantages.

Artificial grass is a really useful product. It does not necessitate the same meticulous and time-consuming maintenance as natural grass. It may be utilized in all seasons and maintains its vigor because it is unaffected by cold or hot temperatures. It is a substance that is sold as a substitute for natural grass. It has functions that bring considerable benefits in addition to its decorative purpose. There are no issues with fading, yellowing, or drying. Natural grass, on the other hand, is harmed by both sunlight and cold weather conditions and it quickly deteriorates. Due to these detrimental impacts, natural grass might occasionally become impractical to be used in sports fields.

What Characterizes Artificial Grass?

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Because of the material and manufacturing techniques utilized in artificial grass installation, artificial grass has some characteristics. Polymeric fibers make up the material. These fibers are made in a double weave from the base. It is impossible to change the shape and texture of the grass in this manner. Due to the intensive weaving process, it has a particular weight. The product’s weight increases in direct proportion to the square meter. It has a degree of flexibility depending on the amount of polymer it contains. It can be used for years without deterioration thanks to its long-lasting structure. It is preferable to use proportions that are appropriate for the intended application.

We manufacture antibacterial products that inhibit the growth of microorganisms for artificial grass for putting green. There is no risk of infectious disease because there is no bacterial growth. It also adapts to the aesthetics of any place. As a result, creating artificial grass for a putting green is no longer difficult. You can also install the system yourself. However, depending on the size of the space you’ll be using, it might be best to enlist the assistance of corporate personnel. Artificial grass rug is commonly utilized in sporting fields, despite being a popular product in many locations.

Areas of Use

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Artificial grass usage areas are divided into two categories based on their intended use. It can be used as a decorative element in hotel, restaurant, and cafe outside settings or it can be used for sports fields. Green versions are widely available and widely used on the market. Different colored variants, on the other hand, are custom-made to match the decor. Colorful artificial grass is commonly found in homes with gardens and businesses with vast outdoor areas.

The use of artificial grass for sporting purposes is far more widespread. It provides sportsmen with significant benefits due to its high-quality structure and characteristics. Depending on the sport, numerous grass models are available. The pile lengths must adjust to the athletes’ motions. Grass models that will be utilized in sporting contests must meet certain criteria. Our company’s artificial grass variants have all been authorized by FIFA. This artificial grass can be used in baseball fields, golf courses, football grounds, indoor and outdoor fields, tennis courts, and rugby fields. The grass used on the tennis court has a different quality. Golf and rugby grounds should have a pile length of no more than 15 millimeters. Otherwise, the sportsman will not be able to deliver the results they desire.

Artificial Grass and Integral Grass

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Integral is a company from Turkey which produces and installs artificial grass for sports fields and landscaping. It also installs grass in other countries and strives to provide complete client satisfaction both before and after the installation. It sells five different types of artificial grass for putting green. Artificial Grass Super C, Artificial Grass Super V, Artificial Grass Duo, Artificial Grass Classic, Non-Infill Artificial Grass.

  • Artificial Grass Super C

It offers the grass flexibility due to the robust spines on both sides. As a result, the grass becomes extremely pliable. It is a product that can be used for a long time as a result of this impact. This type of grass is ideal for soccer since it provides good performance and longevity. Even after a long period of time on the ground, matting the grass restores it to its former shape.

  • Artificial Grass Super V

In comparison to other grass types, Super V is a particularly hardy grass. It features distinct fiber bands. As a result, it is exceptionally powerful in comparison to other types. Although the system’s fiber appears to be ordinary from the outside, it is quite unique and lasts longer even after extensive use. While the product has a natural ‘look and feel,’ its fibers make it one-of-a-kind and incomparable.

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  • Artificial Grass Duo

It is a model made from classic monofilament strand. It can be used for a long period. Furthermore, it enables players to perform well on football fields. Artificial Grass Duo is a bi-color grass that may be used on a variety of surfaces. It meets FIFA and FIH National Standard standards.

  • Artificial Grass Classic

Artificial Grass Classic has qualities throughout its lifetime due to its exceptionally resilient structure, diamond shaped monofilament with enormous core. It has a high level of resiliency and it is well-suited to heavy use. It meets professional soccer requirements and is of a high quality product that is suitable for use on soccer fields. It’s also UV resistant.

  • Non-Infill Artificial Grass.

The best artificial grass for soccer is non-infill. Because it is devoid of any rubber filler substance. It has a higher quality than natural grass. It can be used for a long period. Because it contains unique polyethylene fibers. It is a long-lasting product that is commonly used in both indoor and outdoor sports fields. It is excellent for usage in both hot and cold climates.

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What Is The Best Artificial Grass For Putting Green?

Despite the fact that our products are of high quality, we recommend that you utilize Artificial Grass Super V because of its distinct fiber bands. These fiber bands make it more durable than other versions. It may appear to be commonplace, but its traits are distinctive.

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