Best Cordless Leaf Blowers

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There are so much leaf blowers on the market that we can’t even start to count. So, making the right choice is hard from the start because you have so many manufacturers that claim their product is the best. Many people consider them very handy. However, we are pretty sure that they can’t be as handy as cordless leaf blowers.

Just think about it, you are able to carry leaf blowers around the property without the distraction caused by cords around your feet or cord just being too short for a distance you plan to cover. It’s a perfect choice for professional landscapers, gardeners, and any other people who don’t like to deal with a tangled core or similar issues that could come up with a standard leaf blower. Plus, you are bound to be surprised how some of the cordless leaf blowers we are about to present you with, are light, handy, and quiet. You can visit sites such as to check some nice leaf blowers.

Greenworks 40V

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Do you need a cordless leaf blower that could potentially work 20+ minutes per charge? Greenworks can offer you their product that has a run time of more than 45 minutes per charge. Not only that, it takes up to two hours to get charged. Like almost all of the cordless leaf blowers on our list, this one has lithium-ion batteries. Plus, it weighs only three-point four pounds, which places it among the easiest cordless leaf blowers you can find on the market.

This device is a perfect choice for those who need a simple cleanup like keeping the deck clear or removing dry leaves from the gutters. In addition, it is a perfect choice for people who like to do their yard maintenance at once. The reason is that it has a variable speed trigger and an ergonomic handle that offer the best comfort user might need in the process of blowing leaves. But this device has a somewhat lower airflow than many other you might stumble across on the market. Visit and check other cordless leaf blowers available on the market.

Worx WG591

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If you are a fan of cordless leaf blowers that is comfortable and handy at the same time, then Worx WG591 is the device you should look on. It offers a plethora of speed, power, battery life, and air volume. However, ergonomics of the handle is what makes this one special compared to other cordless air blowers on the market. They are the perfect choice for homeowners and professionals that spend a lot of their free time blowing leaves from their sidewalks, garage, or yard.

The total weight of this device is just below 8 pounds which doesn’t make it the lightest cordless leaf blower you could find at the market, but it doesn’t take a took on the quality of the device. WG591 has a forceful leaf blower that is equipped with a hyper-stream air nozzle, which makes it more than capable in dealing with wet leaves and other heavy debris quickly and easily. Different from many you will encounter on this list, WG591 is a pretty loud machine and it has a low run time, about ten minutes at the full speed.

Black+Decker LSW221

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Leaf blowers have another name, sweepers. This means that we think of them as devices that are good at blowing debris away from your driveway. Naturally, if a device can do this, it can certainly blow some leaves from your yard, sidewalk, etc. Not only that, they could prove to be even better than you hoped they could be. LSW221 from famous Black+Decker is very lightweight and a very quiet model at the same time. It weighs only about 3.7 pounds.

Because of its lightweights, it is perfect for carrying around the yard without any struggle. It can clean up to 100 cubic feet per minute. LSW221 has a lithium-ion battery and provides up to the twenty minutes of run time. When it comes to strength, it can blast a wine of 130-mph. So, you can rest assured that it will provide you with the ultimate service you gave your money for. Getting rid of leaves and other unnecessary materials has never been easier than with this one.

Worx AIR

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Are you interested in a device that could much more than just blowing leaves from your sidewalk or yard? Worx provides its customers with a device that has so many features and attachments which offer the many more possibilities that you can see on the first glance. For example, there are attachments that can deflate air mattresses or pool-related toys. Furthermore, you could use a dust brush for crannies and nooks cleaning.

This cordless leaf blower and much more than that has a run time of twenty minutes per charge. It’s charging time is up to three hours. Worx Air is a pretty lightweight and compact model good for doing all the yard-related, house-related, and even garage-related jobs. It is important to know that using it in your house will not represent a problem because Worx Air is fairly quiet. Not only that, but many cordless leaf blowers can cope with its low noise.

DeWalt DCBL720P1

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As we already said, cordless leaf blowers are a perfect choice for people who have different areas where leaves need to be blown or for those who have a big yard. DeWalt’s product is a perfect choice for doing leaf blowing from the sidewalk, the yard, workshop, or any part of your household you feel like. It is a good option for both heavy-duty and daily use jobs because of its weight, which is eight pounds. Pretty lightweight, right?

This might be a surprise, but eight pounds is considered to be somewhat heavier for leaf blowers, but this model will provide other features that will make up for it. DCBL720P1 is pretty handy and offers great control to its user. The battery`s runt time is between 20 and 40 minutes, and it depends on what setting you want to use. Also, it produced 61dB of noise, which is pretty low for a leaf blower. The only downside to this leaf blowers is a comfort.