4 Things To Know Before Trying CBD Hemp Flower Products – 2024 Guide

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You’ve encountered the famous CBD hemp flower while googling for the benefits and how it can affect your medical condition. But you’re not entirely sure what is it and is the same as the drug people use to get high. Is it even legal?

It’s one of the most popular and most used products derived from industrial hemp. As soon as you type it in the google search, you’ll be flooded with countless benefits to the human body. One may think that every cold-pressed oil has some benefits to the human body, and it is true. However, this oil beats the benefits of all other oils, big time.

As people turn more and more to use it, the benefits are being discovered, and it seems there’s no end to them. In countries that have legalized its production, more and more local productions are being established such as MrHempFlower, offering a variety of forms one can use them. This somehow guarantees the quality, since each production has to obtain a certificate of quality. Besides, knowing that it’s locally produced already gives quality assurance, since you’re familiar with your country’s standards in this field.

This article aims to clarify all the dilemmas one may have about the product. For first time users, here are 4 things to know before trying CBD hemp flower products.

1. It’s not cannabis

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It’s not a surprise people give you suspicious looks when you mention the idea of maybe trying it out, as a natural remedy. The plant and everything related to it has been so criminalized, that people start judging one another as soon as someone mentions it. To clarify one thing in the beginning, hemp flower is not the same as cannabis. They are related, and by the looks of it, there are similarities as well, but they are not the same thing.

The main difference in appearance is that hemp grows way taller and thinner. When you look at it, it’s not so “rich” as its cousin. It can also be cultivated almost everywhere, which is the primary reason behind all these productions thriving in such a short period of time. It’s also a plant offering so many possibilities, like fiber for clothing, plant-based milk products, paper, and many more. It’s extremely rich in protein, which is why you see it in healthy, vegan supplies shops. The oil is, no doubt, considered to be the most precious product.

Cannabis on the other hand requires much more care and TLC, in order to give the final product for selling.

2. You won’t get high by consuming it

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For those fearing someone will notice at work they are using CBD, you’re not doing anything illegal. It is simply impossible to get high out of consuming it, and here’s an explanation of why. The regular compound that triggers the sense of being high is in such a low percentage available in the oil, that no drug test can detect it. Therefore, the effect can’t be reached. This compound is only found in cannabis, in the percentage high enough to trigger the feeling. No, need to worry, no one will notice, and you are perfectly free to tell others you’ve been consuming the oil. Oil also doesn’t come from the same path of the plant as THC. It is usually extracted from the plant tree or from the seeds.

Using a hemp flower is also one way of exposing your body to the beneficial effects of the oil. Many experiences are beginning to show that by using the flower only, the beneficial effects are improved. This is why it’s becoming one of the most popular products on the market.

3. Consuming can be done in many ways

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Depending on what you are using, oil or the flower dictates the way as well. The most common way to use oil is sublingual. When you buy it, it will come with the dozer with which you can doze how many drops you need and simplify the application below the tongue. A good thing about this application is that the content is absorbed directly into your bloodstream through the capillary system and arteries. You’ll be able to feel the effect very quickly this way since it goes directly in the blood. A drawback is a taste. Some may be too sensitive and will not stand the earthy taste of the oil.

Another way is to use it in food. Although it can be used in cuisine, the cooking is not the same as with the regular oils, because of its lower vaporizing temperature. Mixing it with sauces, salads, drinks or something else is a great idea. Especially if the ingredients are strong in taste, to mask the oil. However, consumed this way, the effect will come later. The food needs to through the whole digestive system, carrying the oil, then in the blood, then to the organs. Therefore, you need patience.

Flowers can be smoked, and this is their advantage. You won’t have to deal with the strange taste and the effect will be instant since the lungs are affected. Best to use the vaping device for smoking. Rest assured, it’s not nearly as damaging as tobacco smoking.

4. Side-effects

Since the flowers are mostly smoked, one logical “side-effect” would be the dry mouth. Generally, side-effects are not so intense and common, they do however depend on the individual. For first time smokers, a surprise cough or dryness is normal to expect. Also, the sense of ease inside the head, caused by the lowering of the blood pressure, sleepiness, and maybe some nausea.

All these symptoms are not serious and can be avoided with proper dosage, or taken care of easily. Comparing to medicines and their side-effects, which usually cause permanent damages of the organs, these are nothing. It is why people are consuming these products more and more. They’re entirely natural and therefore safe to consume.

Hemp flower is a rising star, no doubt about that. The effects are amazing and it legal, comparing to its cousin.