How Technology Helps Society to Become More Intelligent – 2024 Review

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There is a common argument against technology as many believe that it’s making society dumber, more dependent, and even less human. However, if we take a close look at how we interact with the internet and various devices, we realize that technology may actually bring us a lot of benefits. In fact, you may be surprised to find out that it can even have certain long-term benefits for your health.

Although we are told that the age of the internet is making us less intelligent, let’s broaden our minds and examine all the ways that technology is contributing to society.

Access to a world of information

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It’s truly hard to imagine a world without the internet, and answers to all our questions at the click of a mouse or tap of a screen. Nowadays, everything we could ever want to know is accessible in a matter of seconds. Some people see this as a negative feature of technology as a person is less likely to delve into certain subject matters if he or she can attain information quickly. But the impact of Google and other online tools can actually cause society to be naturally curious.

Just think about it – with the internet we are more informed than we have ever been. How can search engines be decreasing our intelligence if we utilize them to gain valuable knowledge on specific topics that interest us? Although this specific topic is quite controversial, it may help to examine it through the lens of your own personal life. Has the internet caused you to gain knowledge or retreat backward? Chances are, if used in moderation, you will not experience the negative effects of the internet or huge resources like Google.

Online activities have real health benefits

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Innovations in technology have also paved the way for activities online to be more appealing than ever before. Nowadays, entire communities of digital gamers can have some of the best gameplay experiences across the internet.

Their popularity lies in their accessibility, with a variety of options for PCs and smartphones that welcome users from many different locations. In fact, 2024 statistics show an estimated 2.7 billion gamers are actively engaging in online play throughout the world.

You may be thinking – what health benefits can you get from so much time spent in front of bright screens? Well, a large majority of gamers are regularly opting for strategy, trivia, and board games online which have been proven to boost memory, improve cognitive skills, reduce the risk of dementia, and even relieve stress.

Surprisingly, your brain is actually becoming healthier as it crunches through one of poker’s exhilarating variants on leading platforms like PokerStars or dissects Shogi on 81dojo, a Japanese form of chess, against another real-life user. Strategic activities like these exercise various regions of the brain and even strengthen neurotransmitter pathways, leading to heightened decision-making skills and logical thinking.

Games that require you to hone in and pay attention are special in today’s world. While some people may argue that technology distracts us, these types of activities actually train people to be more patient and mindful. In older participants, games like chess and sudoku, among others, can help fight against dementia and Alzheimer’s. Playing these games in a consistent manner over time will not completely eradicate the illness, but it can surely promote cell growth, functioning, and memory.

Online play can also foster social interaction and connect you with people in ways you have never imagined. Whether it’s through a multi-player tournament or discussion forum, a strong feeling of community is created amongst fellow gamers. This sense of belonging is vital for one’s overall mental health, creating happiness and feelings of support in the process.

Digital learning enhances the education process

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eLearning has proven to be hugely beneficial to the overall education experience, with many schools and institutions utilizing its features worldwide. Because students are equally excited about using technology in the learning process, they are more motivated to work hard and study. This creates greater productivity and interest in various subjects.

Aside from its popularity amongst pupils, learning with technology like tablets and laptops can be great for students who are not able to take notes and keep up in traditional classroom settings. Unique tools like Prezi’s have been proven to enhance learning through the digital sphere with the use of fun lesson plans and visual presentations. These are great resources as students may access them from any time and place on the internet, outside the class. In this way, self-guided instruction is put in place and becomes hugely beneficial for a variety of learners.

Another factor that many people don’t realize about eLearning is that it is also friendly to the environment. Just think about how much paper is wasted each and every school year. With digital instruction, everything is stored online and easily accessible. Not only is learning with technology benefiting students around the world, but it is also teaching them to be better friends of our precious planet.

Technology allows humans to acquire new skillsets

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Think for just a moment about how many new skills humans have been able to acquire thanks to technology. Whether it’s something simple like finding a location in Google maps or a more complex skill like designing a landing page for a website, technology, and the internet has given people a chance to unlock potentially new gifts in a variety of subjects. In this way, our brains have been forced to adapt to the digital era, growing and expanding in the process.

Just take social media for example. Thousands of jobs have been born out of something that was only recently invented. Many of these professions require talent in written communication, photography, coding, development, and much more. As technology continues to evolve, our minds are likely to grow and change with the times, and since growth can rarely be seen as something negative, society is continuing to take advantage of new possibilities.