6 Coins Crypto Investors Are Tracking Closely

Source: coinpedia.org

When it comes to cryptocurrency, it’s important for investors to track coins and stay on top of trends. The most successful investors use this information to buy and sell coins and earn a profit. While most people have heard of Bitcoin by now, there are other players in the market that offer a unique opportunity for investors who are paying attention.

Going into 2024, savvy investors have their eyes on many different coins. From watching what’s going on with Ethereum, to finding interesting opportunities with meme coins, here’s what crypto investors are watching and waiting on right now.

1. ZoluCoin (ZOLU) Offers Great Potential

Good investors know how to take calculated risks. And being successful in the crypto market is all about risk-taking. The Zolu coin peaked this year at .012 USD but has been trending closer to .008 USD per coin. At that low price, investors see the potential for a huge investment opportunity. This coin has a supply cap which means that the limited supply could put its value much higher over the long term.

One of the appealing aspects of this coin is that it has the potential for scalability because it is integrated with the BNB chain. As the market shifts now and coming into 2024, keep your eye on the Zolu coin price because it might be just what you need. As the demand for Zolu increases, so will the price, and this is good news and a great reason to track this coin closely.

2. Memeinator (MMTR) Leverages AI

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Right now AI is all the rage. Everything from images to videos and even written content are harnessing the power of AI. It’s no surprise then that even the crypto market is being influenced by AI technology. One of the coins that many crypto investors are watching is Memeinator. While most people are familiar with the meme coin Doge, some are just now learning about this newer meme coin and its potential.

Most meme coins lack anything substantial backing them, which can make them extremely volatile investments. But memeinator hopes to change this by using AI to improve meme culture. It combines branding that gives a nod to the Terminator movies and uses AI to drag in other memes and then destroy them in a fun game. This is already drawing in many excited and enthusiastic crypto investors. And while the long-term price of the nominator coin may not be as high as the Zolu coin price, it could be a fun and lucrative investment.

3. Ripple (XRP) is Still a Great Investment

Thanks to the SEC lawsuit, the breakout of XRP has been delayed for a number of years. But with the conclusion of this case, investments are expected to continue to rise. Ripple offers an incredible solution that banks all over the world have already been using. Many investors see the capabilities and potential for this solution to improve and transform international payments and maybe even banking for the better.

The price of XRP is at around 0.60 USD but could rise well above that coming into 2024. Investors are watching this one very closely since the conclusion of the SEC case came out in their favor. While SWIFT payments have been the gold standard in banking, the wide acceptance of Ripple could mean the disruption of that space, but also a huge increase in the value of the XRP coin. The Zolu coin price might have a much lower cap than XRP once it breaks out.

4. HELLO Labs (HELLO) is an Entertainment Coin

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One of the great things about crypto coins is that they can back almost any kind of project. In the case of HELLO Labs, they are looking to decentralize the entertainment industry as we know it. This approach is intended to target Gen Z and changes how games, NFTs, and even TV shows are distributed. If you are a HELLO coin holder, you get exclusive access to content that no one else can view.

While right now they are considered a highly volatile coin, over time they hope to become a stable company in the entertainment industry revolutionizing how content is consumed. Future plans include creating content for the metaverse and other virtual worlds as well as ensuring that their operations are eco-friendly. This focus on being sustainable does set them apart from other coins.

As compared to the Zolu coin price, HELLO has a much higher market cap which means that the prices for this one could yield higher returns for savvy investors. If you love entertainment, HELLO is a great choice.

5. Dogecoin (DOGE) Still Remains Popular

When it comes to leveraging cryptocurrency as real money, many crypto experts still believe that DODGE has the potential to become a currency in the future. While it was created initially as a joke more than a decade ago, DOGE investors love this meme coin. It has a higher value than the Zolu coin price, but it may or may not be a better overall investment depending on your goals.

It offers robust security features and decentralization that allow for the coin to be easily used across borders. Additionally, the design of it makes it even more scalable than ETH and BTC. While those still remain the gold standard in the cryptocurrency space, coins like DOGE are more accessible and therefore more usable for the average person. This is why it’s still being tracked closely by investors.

6. Cardano (ADA) is Backed By Research

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For the professional investor, Cardano offers a robust solution that is backed by research. What does this mean? It means that ADA is a much more stable coin than many others on the market. With a $13 Billion cap, this coin has great potential which is why investors are continuing to watch it closely. One of the benefits of this coin is that it works similarly to Ethereum. In the way that Ethereum offers smart contracts and decentralized apps, ADA can also do so for the apps on the platform. Not only is it secure, but it is very scalable making it an effective solution for those who want and need it. It offers transparency and puts the power in the hands of the people, not just those in power.


While there are countless ways to invest in the cryptocurrency market, investors have their eyes on these coins specifically. From watching the Zolu coin price, to determining when XRP will finally have its breakout moment, savvy crypto investors are ready for whatever happens next.