Recent Dating Trends in London: Updated August 2024


Do you think the whole dating landscape is changing at the speed of light and becoming increasingly complex for you to understand? If so, you’re not alone!

All you need to do is keep yourself updated with the latest dating trends in London. Today we’ll be discussing exactly the same. So, keep scrolling…

Dating Trends in London that You Should Look Out

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Now, let’s have a look at the dating trends of London in 2024-

Self-Proclaimed Singles

“I am Single cause I want to be”. This is a new trend where people are consciously deciding to be single. They are not looking forward to falling in love and giving themselves the time to grow personally. But, that does not mean that they don’t want to date.

These so-called “singles” are open to meet. But, the bar is set quite high. They focus on themselves more than the urge to please others.

Dry Dating


In London, dating has got a healthier twist with “Booze Free” socialising. People are becoming health conscious, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. Cute cafe or a simple brunch date is the new trend for these health-conscious people.

So, you might come across people who are asking you out for a quick date at a cafe or a beautiful picnic site.

Double dates and Triple dates

“ You have found a special someone and you don’t want your best friend to feel left behind. So you arrange for a double date with one of your girlfriend’s friends”. Sounds familiar?

Double dating has been popular for ages. And it’s still trending. Nowadays, triple dating is also in the picture.

So, don’t shy away the next time one of your friends introduces you to someone. Who knows, he or she can be the special someone you have been waiting to meet all along.


Have you ever been virtually stranded? Like you make plans to meet but the other person cancels it at the last moment giving excuses about emergency work.

This has become a new trend where people have started to make plans for the sake of it. They are not willing to meet you. But the concept of the meeting is enough for them.

Though, the whole concept is very weird, not to mention the frustration. You better be ready to meet a few girls or guys who might get you stuck in the black hole of OnlyPlans.

Slow Dating

You may have heard about speed dating. But, what is slow dating?

Slow dating is when two people decide to dive deeper. They want to know each other better before deciding to pursue their relationship further. It’s like those old rom-com movies where the guy meets the girl and they spent some time knowing their likes and dislikes.

The trend of slow dating is also creeping its way in dating apps where people are now more concerned about long-term relationships. They are fed up with quick meetups and hookups. People want something more promising!

Virtual Dating


Bored of conventional dating? Have a look at the oh-so-popular Virtual dating!!!

Virtual dating has gained popularity in London’s dating scene, allowing you to date while lounging on you couch. Londoners are exploring innovative ways to interact online. This can be virtual dinner dates or museum tours inspired by art.

If you are uncomfortable with face-to-face meetings and can make conversation through video calls,  Virtual dating is the answer for you.

London’s blend of history and modernity makes online dating an ideal fusion of these two. It offers a contemporary twist on romantic relationships. Whether you are tech-savvy or a hopeless romantic, virtual dating can take you on a virtual journey right in the heart of London.

Foodie Adventures

If you are a food lover, then this is the best dating option for you.

Foodie adventures are a delectable new twist on London’s dating scene. Imagine spending time together at vibrant street food markets. You can discover locals-only gem eateries and set out on gastronomic adventures at hip food trucks.

London offers more than just romance, with dishes like artisanal ice cream sandwiches and sushi burritos. So, this is a great way to spice up your dates and make it interesting.

Bookstore and Coffee Shop Dates

They are a match made in heaven for bookworms and coffee connoisseurs. Imagine yourself in this situation: you are enjoying a steaming cappuccino while surrounded by shelves of interesting books.

You can discuss anything from fiction to philosophy. It’s rare but not impossible!

For starters, London has some of quaint bookstores and inviting cafes. This date is undoubtedly a page-turner, regardless of whether you enjoy mysteries or memoirs. Grab a book and a cup of coffee.

Watch as your own love story starts to unfold in front of you!

180 Dating


Sometimes, more than a long-term relationship, we want something relaxing and fun. 180 Dating is the perfect example of such a thing.

It is where you start dating someone way younger than you. Maybe, you get attracted to their charms. They may seem way more mature than the people you have dated in the past.

Yes, that’s one sure-fire way to crawl out of your comfort zone. Together, you can discover new hobbies and be part of hidden rendezvous. There is no shame in changing the rule of the game from time to time.

End Note

Take your sweet time to decide…

Make your choice from slow dates, dry dates, or even virtual dating. Further, you could pick from double dating, bookstore dates, or create your adventures.

Maybe, sign up for a dating app or go traditional. Just be open to the trend-filled tornado this city throws at you! Remember that whatever you decide, you will have plenty of options to choose from.