Trump Visits CoViD-19 Mask Factory, “Live And Let Die” Blares In The Background

Image source: Getty

Donald Trump visited a “Honeywell” coronavirus mask factory in Phoenix while “Live and Let Die” blasted in the background. The President didn’t wear a mask despite the warning, though he did wear protective goggles. He was also seen shaking hands during his stop in the south-western state of Arizona.

Image source: Getty

Washington Post journalist Zach Purser Brown, who posted a video of staff working away and Trump speaking to a factory official as the song played, tweeted: “They are also, somewhat inappropriately, blasting ‘Live and let die’ over the factory sound system”.

Other songs that played during Trump’s visit were God Bless the USA, Tiny Dancer, Eye of the Tiger, House of the Rising Sun, and Gloria.

It’s not clear how exactly this song, that was never played in rallies, came to be played.

Image source: Getty

Last month when Trump was asked about not wearing a mask, he said to the reporters: “I don’t want to wear one myself. Somehow sitting in the Oval Office behind that beautiful Resolute desk… I don’t know, I don’t see it for myself”.