Guide on how to clear Instagram search history

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In the present time, in the world covered by the internet where web-based applications are being used, we find it difficult to pay attention concerning man when security is subjected. If you go to the recent searches then you will find that internet has been improved so much from the previous past years and has provided us with plenty of security tools or techniques that can hide ID and login password. The technology has done tremendous job nowadays. It doesn’t only checks authenticity but also provides you with the security tools that will help you to secure your data as well as secure your privacy.

Why you need security and privacy

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  • Prevent hacking: The most important reason one can find is preventing themselves from the hackers. Some people use their intelligence for social welfare and some use their intelligence to exploit others so unauthorized users and authentic users had successfully worked in this field. Thus it becomes essential to get secure web-based applications.
  • Account security: Many times it has been seen that many account holders got cheated by online services. If any payment was made by persons then it secure the login password ID to the unauthorized addresses which can be used by fraud online companies. To save account details privacy is a concern.
  • Prevent unnecessary stalking:  Security and privacy are of a concern that any person wants to prevent themselves from being stalked. If any online account, which is on the web-based application, is secure with proper setting then users may prevent themselves from unauthorized users.
  • Privacy: When privacy itself is concerned then users find the way by the use of the type of the privacy that can protect themselves from people around them. These activities may include gallery check out, history check out,  watch history check out and many other things. Thus security and privacy will help you to get rid of all those basic problems with online applications or web-based applications.

Some of the examples of internet applications

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  • Facebook: Facebook allows you to upload videos, pictures, and stories on the application to get likes, comments, and share on your post and also to increase your followers. But this online web-based application may create a burden if proper security and privacy settings are not done.
  • Instagram: This application has created huge craze among youngsters which allows them to increase their followers on online platforms and the chance of getting famous. This application allows them to upload videos, pictures, images, and stories so that they can create a huge number fan following their posts. But security is also subjected to Instagram such as video leak by an authorized user, ID hacking, login by unauthorized and authentic users. The most important is search history. 

If you want proper privacy on your account then it is very essential that your search history should be secure as it can be misused by people around you. For this, Instagram helps you to secure your data search history by following few steps on setting and privacy category. Along with setting and privacy categories, it also allows you to clear search history from your Instagram account which we will discuss below. ProjectInsta secures you and your data.

How to clear search history from the Instagram account for better privacy

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  1. Login: If you want to do anything with your Instagram account you are required to login into Instagram application first. After log in, you will be able to do anything with your Instagram.
  2. Click profile button: After login to your Instagram account you are required to click on your profile button so that you can enter the setting.
  3. Click menu button: After you enter the profile page you can click on the top left corner of your profile page. There is the small icon shown as lines which are known as the menu button. You can click on it for further process.
  4.  Setting icon: choose the setting option from multiple options available in Menu icon. After choosing the setting you are required to click on security option in this menu.
  5.  Click on clear search history: After following all the steps, the final one is to click under security option called clear search history. It will generate an ask box that will ask you ( are you sure to clear your history). Just after a click on this, you will able to clear all your search history from your Instagram account.