Looking for the Perfect Home? – 10 Tips to Find It

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Looking for a house can be very frustrating. It takes a lot of time to find your dream one, and once you have found the perfect, the price is often far above your budget. These two bottlenecks can ensure that you eventually buy the one that you aren’t completely satisfied with. To prevent this, we give you ten tips to help you find your ideal home.

Check market regularly

The housing market is changing non-stop. That is why it’s important to stay up-to-date. You can do this by regularly looking at websites where houses are offered (for example, ThePattisallGroup). When you find a good real estate website, subscribe to automatic notifications. This way, you stay up-to-date on the range of properties in your area.

Hire a professional broker

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Do you have little time to look for a good home yourself? Then a house agent might be the solution for you. After you have communicated your preferences and budget to the real estate agent, he will look for the properties that suit you.

This saves you a lot of time! There is also a good chance that a real estate agent can find more suitable homes through his network and experience than you could. So win-win!

Use the power of social media

Social media plays an increasingly important role in daily life. Everything is shared. Not only selfies, cat movies and embarrassing moments, but also homes for sale! So you could find your ideal home through social media, for example, with certain Facebook groups.

You can also use social media to place a call yourself. By then asking your friends and family to share this call, you increase your chances of finding your ideal home. There is always a family member, friend or acquaintance who knows someone who has relocation plans.

Investigate financing options

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You probably need a loan to buy a house. Before you receive a loan, you must, of course first meet the bank’s requirements. A bank can, for example, set requirements for your income or equity. It may be that you don’t fully meet the requirements set by the bank so that you do not receive a loan.

Monitor price changes

The economy is always on the move, and that has an effect on the housing market. When the economy is doing well, many people are looking for a new home. Due to this growing demand, house prices will rise.

Conversely, the prices will fall in a bad economic period. As a buyer in a period with low house prices, it’s smart to pay extra attention to the housing supply. By jumping in at the right moment, you close the best deal!

Be realistic

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If you search for nice houses on Pinterest or Instagram, you will be flooded with beautiful palaces with a luxurious interior and a large garden. Nice? Sure! Realistic? Probably not. Because of these beautiful pictures, you will soon get a too idealistic picture of your future home.

That is why it is important to compare your ideal house with the actual supply of houses and the corresponding prices. If your budget does not match the property you are looking for, you will have to let go of some wishes. In this way, you prevent that you continue to search endlessly for a dream one with an oversized price tag.

In case of doubt, do not

Doubt about choosing a home means that the home you found doesn’t fully meet your needs. Of course, you can never completely prevent this, but it’s important to support your choice fully. By being critical in this, you will eventually find a house that best meets your requirements. The question you can ask yourself when buying one is: “What do I have doubts about and can these doubts still be removed by renovations, for example?”

Buy a “DIY house”

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If there isn’t any house available that fully meet your expectations and needs, look for a handy house. In other words: the one that is not perfect, but that can be converted into the perfect one.

Expand search area

Finally: if you can’t find any suitable home in your area, you can choose to expand your search area. This increases the chance of finding your ideal home. If you are currently only looking for a place to live in the city, this is an additional advantage. Relatively speaking, those that are further from the city are a lot cheaper. Your work and the shopping street may be a bit further away, but you will probably get a cheaper and bigger house instead!


We hope that with our tips you will soon find your dream home. Just remember to stay realistic and spread the web of searching possibilities! If you do this, you will soon find the best option available.