Why A Space Heater Is A Great Purchase For Your New Home

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Furnishing a new space can be a ton of fun. If you have even the slightest interest in home design and decor, you’ll carefully consider chaise colours and may seriously deliberate black versus chrome appliances in the kitchen.

But along with fun aesthetic choices, are practical matters that deserve attention and warrant purchases you may not have first considered. When it comes to keeping your home warm, a space heater can be a smart effective solution. This home appliance costs relatively little and delivers big benefits for homes of all types and sizes.

Keep reading to better understand why a space heater is a great purchase for your home, and if you have large square footage or an open-concept design, click here to look specifically at the best space heaters for large rooms. (And here are some other ideas for adding warmth to large living spaces).

Greater Comfort At Home

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Colder months tend to inspire more evenings and weekends curled up in bed or on the chaise. Cold air from an incessant draft or poor insulation can put a serious cramp in any plans to be cozy. If heating is a challenge in your bedroom, basement or living room, family and guests are sure to be more comfortable with some added warmth.

Tip: Look for thermostat control features so that room temperatures can be adjusted to suit different tastes.

Better Health At Home

Colder months and the common cold seem to go hand-in-hand. In fact, studies have correlated cold temperatures with dry air and the spread of the flu virus. So along with the many habits that can help reduce the spread of the flu virus at home through fall and winter, if you have a particularly cold room, it may be worthwhile to consider increasing the temperature and thus, your respiratory system’s ability to prevent certain airborne viruses from entering the body.

Tip: Consider a space heater that uses infrared heat or one with a built-in humidifier if avoiding dryness is high on your wish list.

Smarter Home Energy Spending

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Heating bills can easily rise during cold months, as we strive to keep our living spaces toasty and comfortable. There are many ways to save money on gas bills  through the winter. Space heaters are also a great solution as they allow you to limit the use of supplemental heating to when and where you need it. This of course, helps control the cost of heating your home. For instance, BestElectricRadiators control the heating of the home remotely; this means that you can switch on and off the heating even if you are far from your house. Moreover, you can heat the rooms that you are using and turn off the heating of the rooms that you do not use. As a result you will be energy efficient via saving a lot of money.

Tip: Look for models with timer and automatic shut-off features to control use

Space Heaters To Suit Decor

Sure, greater comfort, better health and saving money are valid reasons to consider a space heater, but let’s face it, looks matter. A clunky or mechanical looking unit isn’t likely to complement that gorgeous new chaise. Thankfully, there are stylish space heaters that fit wonderfully in modern homes.

Tip: If aesthetics are a priority, you’ll be most interested in slim units or fireplace stove designs.

Enjoy all the fun that comes with setting up a new space but remember, some less fun but highly functional pieces, will ensure your home is always a welcoming space.